Silk Road

Twitter Launches Dark Web Site To Bypass Russian Block

Twitter follows similar moves by Facebook and BBC, and creates dark web platform so Russian's can bypass Putin's restrictions

5 months ago

US Government Seizes $1bn In Silk Road Bitcoins

US investigators seize more than $1bn in Bitcoin from account linked to Silk Road online black marketplace, the largest Bitcoin…

2 years ago

Court Papers Confirm US Government Paid Carnegie Mellon To Hack Tor

US university credibility questioned after court documents show it was paid to hack Tor network

6 years ago

Silk Road Undercover Agent Admits Bitcoin Fraud

Fallout from Silk Road continues after former DEA undercover agent pleads guilty to extorting bitcoins

7 years ago

Silk Road’s Ulbricht Gets Life Sentence

The judge argued Silk Road was run as a profitable criminal enterprise that expanded the market for dangerous drugs

7 years ago

Silk Road Agents Charged With Stealing Bitcoin

Two former US federal investigators involved in the Silk Road probe have been charged with stealing funds during the investigation

7 years ago

Illegal Marketplace ‘Evolution’ Disappears With £8m In Bitcoins

Evolution, one of the largest 'dark web' sites of its kind, has gone offline in what appears to be a…

7 years ago

Silk Road Moderator Nash Pleads Guilty, Faces Life In Prison

Australian Peter Nash admitted to helping operate the Silk Road online drugs marketplace

7 years ago

Creator Of Online Black Market Silk Road Faces Life Behind Bars After Guilty Verdict

Ross Ulbricht AKA Dread Pirate Roberts was found guilty of seven federal charges, including drug trafficking and money laundering

8 years ago

Bitcoin Entrepreneur Shrem Gets Jail Term

Shrem pleaded guilty to helping users of the Silk Road black market anonymously buy bitcoins

8 years ago

Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Won By Venture Capitalist

The winner of the Silk Road Bitcoin auction has been revealed as venture capitalist Tim Draper

8 years ago

US Auctions 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoins

Silk Road Bitcoins are sold off and the winners will find out what they got later today

8 years ago

Silk Road 2.0 Hacked, £1.5 Million Worth Of Bitcoins Stolen

Attackers have used the ‘transaction malleability’ flaw which prompted Mt Gox exchange to stop withdrawals a few days ago

8 years ago

US Authorities Set For Silk Road Bitcoin Sale

The state gets drawn into the virtual currency game

9 years ago

Alleged Silk Road Mastermind Is ‘Honest And Kind’, Says $1m Bail Application

Man accused of running the illegal marketplace under the alias ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ receives a vote of confidence

9 years ago

Refreshed Silk Road Drug Market Launches On Dark Web

Relaunched drug bazaar promises better security for dealers

9 years ago

Four ‘Silk Road Traders’ Arrested In The UK

So far, eight people across four different countries have been detained in connection with the illegal online marketplace

9 years ago

Silk Road Closure Causes Sharp Drop In Bitcoin Value

BTC goes from $142 to $118 after the FBI shuts down illegal online marketplace

9 years ago

Man Arrested As Underground Site Silk Road Shut Down By FBI

Man accused of being secretive website founder Dread Pirate Roberts arrested

9 years ago

The DEA Seizes Drug Dealer’s BitCoin Cache

In the first operation of its kind, federal agents seize virtual currency from a Silk Road trader

9 years ago

‘Non-Stop’ Attacks Crippling Silk Road Drug Site

Attacks over Tor on illegal drug marketplace believed to be part of extortion attempts

9 years ago