Silicon Valley

Oracle Joins California Leavers, Relocates To Texas

California exodus? Software giant Oracle becomes latest Silicon Valley firm to move its HQ from California and relocate it to…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Leaves California, Moves To Texas

After threatening to pull Tesla out of California altogether, Elon Musk reveals he has personally left the US state and…

2 years ago

Founding Father HPE Leaves Silicon Valley, Moves HQ To Texas

California loses a Fortune 500 company, after founding father HPE announces HQ move away from Silicon Valley to Houston, Texas

2 years ago

Top UK Quantum Computing Experts Depart For Silicon Valley ‘To Access Funding’

Relative lack of available capital and expertise in Europe drives well-known names in quantum photonics to seek backing elsewhere

3 years ago

Google Disowns Anti-Diversity Document That Spurred Backlash

Google has said it doesn't endorse the views in a 10-page document criticising the company's diversity policies, which drew a…

5 years ago

Tech Firms Face Uncertainty As US Suspends Premium Processing For H-1B Visas

The suspension could significantly impact tech companies who rely heavily on foreign skilled workers

5 years ago

Apple’s Futuristic New HQ To Open In April

The first staff will move into Apple Park this Spring and will find a futuristic doughnut main building, orchards, meadows…

5 years ago

US Tech Firms Criticise Trump Immigration Ban

Silicon Valley firms acknowledged immigration curbs could affect their ability to do business

6 years ago

US Election 2016: Silicon Valley Mostly Picks Clinton Over Trump

Major tech firms are clearly on the side of Hillary Clinton with Trump failing to win much favour in Silicon…

6 years ago

How New York Envy Drives On-Demand Startups In Silicon Valley

San Francisco is the epicenter of the on-demand startups movement, but what's new in Fog City is old hat in…

6 years ago

Kanye West Wants To Build A ‘Luxury Cloud Service’

Kanye West takes to Twitter to call on the help of Larry Page and "dudes in San Fran" to help…

6 years ago

‘Single-Minded, Bullish’ Lord Sugar Is No Icon For British Techies

Tech workers in the UK have personalities closer to ‘inquisitive’ Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg, survey finds

7 years ago

OpenStack Silicon Valley: At Five Years Old, Is OpenStack Ready?

There are the early adopters and the customer success stories, but OpenStack is still fighting Goliaths

7 years ago

Alibaba’s Ambitious US Cloud Plans Just Got Serious

Alibaba's cloud computing division Aliyun has unveiled plans to protect user data with a "Data Protection Pact" as the firm…

7 years ago

Apple’s Futuristic Cupertino HQ Receives City Approval

Apple can finally start building its 'spaceship' headquarters after Cupertino council gives approval

9 years ago

Delegation Aims To Pull Silicon Valley Data Centres To Sweden

Officials from Sweden are on a mission to lure Californian data to the cooler, greener Nordic environment

10 years ago

Google Plans Research Facilities To Expand Into Hardware Market

New laboratories and a Google exhibition centre are in the development plan for the company's Californian headquarters

11 years ago

German Rhine Dubbed Europe’s Silicon Valley

The Rhine-Main-Neckar region in Germany is the most lucrative software cluster in Europe, thanks to revenues from SAP and Software…

12 years ago