silicon chips

Intel Chips Already Being Made By TSMC – Report

Manufacturing outsourcing move. Intel chips are already being manufactured by TSMC, amid inhouse issues for US firm

3 months ago

Aussies Claim Coding Breakthrough For Quantum Computing

Aussie researchers claim coding breakthrough to bring functional quantum computer one step closer

5 years ago

Texas Instruments To Cut 1,100 Jobs Despite Q4 Profits

US chipmaker to cut 3 percent of total workforce in spite of profitable year

7 years ago

AMD Touts Custom Chip Unit To Battle PC Decline

AMD is expanding beyond its PC origins with a custom-chip unit, which already makes tech for the Playstation 4

8 years ago

Apple Drops Samsung Chips From Devices – Report

Apple is reportedly migrating away from using the chips of arch rival Samsung for its iPads and iPhones

8 years ago

Texas Instruments Signals Smartphone Retreat With 1700 Job Cuts

Texas Instruments is the latest tech firm to announce job cuts as it signals a retreat from the mobile chip…

8 years ago

TSMC Invests £850m Into Future Chip Technology

TSMC Follows Intel in a quest for 10-nanometer microprocessors

9 years ago

Broadcom Snaps Up NetLogic For £2.4bn

Broadcom has paid £2.4bn in cash to acquire embedded processor specialist NetLogic

10 years ago

Qualcomm Makes £2bn Wi-Fi Move With Atheros Buy

Qualcomm has begun the New Year with a multi billion pound acquisition of Wi-Fi chip maker Atheros

10 years ago

Random Chip Errors Can Improve Performance

Mistakes in silicon chips could help computers continue to get more powerful, according to US researchers

11 years ago