Signal Shows Data Collection Adverts Facebook Rejected

Signal has had user-targetted adverts on Instagram blocked, as messaging service attempts to highlight Facebook data collection

7 months ago

Signal Hacks Cellebrite Phone Hacking Kit

Sweet revenge? Signal said it has hacked the phone hacking kit from Cellebrite, used by law enforcement to access mobile…

8 months ago

MPs Face Legal Challenge Over Disappearing Messages

Legal challenge seeks to ban ministers from using disappearing messages on apps such as WhatsApp and Signal over transparency fears

8 months ago

WhatsApp To Press Ahead With Privacy Update

What backlash? Facebook's WhatsApp says it will go ahead with its privacy policy update, but hopes that it has better…

10 months ago

Signal Ramps Up Hiring After Surge – Report

Signal reportedly hiring more staff to cope with surge, as it and Telegram benefit from WhatsApp data policy update controversy

11 months ago

Signal Installations Surge Amid WhatsApp Data Concerns

Research shows installations of Signal messaging app approaching one million a day, amid concern over WhatsApp data policy update

11 months ago

Signal Founder Dismisses Cellebrite Encryption Crack Claim

Security firm Cellebrite alleges it has cracked encryption of the most secure messaging app on the market, but Signal founder…

12 months ago

Skype Gets End-To-End Encryption With Signal Protocol

The latest preview version of Skype introduces Private Conversations, using the same secure protocol used by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and…

4 years ago

Edward Snowden Develops App For Monitoring Physical Security

The Android-based app monitors the physical environment around it and sends end-to-end encrypted updates via Signal mobile software

4 years ago

Washington Elites Use Secure Messaging Apps To Keep Or Leak Secrets

Two secure messaging apps that discourage snooping - Confide and Signal - are doing the rounds in Washington

5 years ago

ENISA: Encryption Back-Doors ‘Not A Solution’

EU security body concludes government-mandated backdoors would make legitimate services less secure and harm law enforcement

5 years ago

Signal Disclosed User Data To US Government

Signal's parent company provided data on a user to US authorities - but there wasn't much to hand over

5 years ago

Bugs Found In ‘Secure’ Signal Messaging Service

Attackers could use the bugs to block attachments sent using the Edward Snowden-recommended service

5 years ago