Microsoft To Sell Products From Its ‘Experience Centres’

A year after Microsoft closed down all its retail stores and kept some 'experience centres', it will once again sell…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: Apple Begins Reopening US Stores

Apple has begun re-opening some of its retail stores in the United States, but will insist on additional safeguards including…

2 years ago

Microsoft To Open Retail Store In Central London

Redmond finally remembers the consumer market, as it readies opening of new retail outlet in heart of London

3 years ago

Snap Trials Amazon Visual Search On Snapchat

The feature, in testing with a few initial US users, allows shoppers to link to Amazon listings by snapping a…

4 years ago

Sainsbury’s Trials Till-Free Shopping In Clapham

The trial allows shoppers to scan items as they shop using a smartphone app, then check out via Apple Pay

4 years ago

Westfield CIO: Data And Personalisation Are Key To Shopping Centre Survival

Shopping is fast becoming an online activity, but Westfield has a plan to keep consumers coming back to its two…

5 years ago

Most British Online Shoppers Couldn’t Give A #@%& About Black Friday

Online shoppers voice concerns over privacy of personal information and fake sites

7 years ago

How Retailers Can Use Technology To Drive Footfall

Gavin Ray, SVP of marketing & products at ip.access, thinks retailers need to focus on technology to attract more customers

7 years ago

Google Adds ‘Buy’ Button To YouTube Videos

New TrueView targeting system means you can shop whilst you watch

7 years ago

UK High-Street Mobile Shopping ‘Worth Billions’ By 2024

Consumer spending on mobile devices set to top £53bn a year by 2024, Barclays predicts

7 years ago

Mobile Shopping Comes Of Age…Are You Ready?

Klarna CEO Niklas Adalberth tells TechWeekEurope why companies need to be prepared for the growth of m-commerce

7 years ago

Tesco Launches Google Glass App For Hands-Free Shopping

Tesco Grocery Glassware lets shoppers view additional product information or buy goods using Google Glass

8 years ago

Barclaycard Brings A Bit Of Glove Love To Contactless Shopping

Laden down with bags? Concept wearable device allows contactless payment with just a wave of the hand

8 years ago

‘Please Sir, We Want More Mobile Payments’ – UK Shoppers

Oxygen8 study finds rising demand for goods and services supporting the technology

8 years ago

72 Percent Of UK Retailers Are Not Cyber Secure This Christmas

Despite Christmas surges around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, large amounts of customer data was worryingly available to hackers, Sophos…

8 years ago

Picking Up Some Art Or Antiques? Make Us An Offer, Says Amazon

'Make An Offer' option now applies to more than 150,000 items on Amazon Marketplace

8 years ago

Almost 1 Million Brits Attacked By Amazon Phishing Scam Emails

Security specialists warn email users to be be "extra cautious" this holiday shopping season

8 years ago

Samsung Says Technology Can Save The High Street

Samsung report finds that young shoppers are driving a change in retail habits

8 years ago

Amazon Steps Into Physical World With First Retail Shop

Amazon to venture out into the real world with a physical shop in Manhattan, after British eBay and Argos partnership

8 years ago

Google To Open New York Store – Report

Google is reportedly to open a brick-and-mortar shop in New York city to showcase its products and services

8 years ago

Amazon Shares Fall Despite Rise In Quarterly Profits

A 20 percent rise in sales still led to the company failing to meet expectations on its profits

9 years ago

Amazon Plans Move Into Physical Payments

Online retailer could offer a Kindle-based checkout systems for use in physical shops

9 years ago

Relax – Credit Cards Cover Commerce Breaches

Check your Christmas credit card bills, don't be scared of security breaches, says Sean Michael Kerner

9 years ago

Intel To Open Retail Stores For Christmas Period

Intel is the latest tech vendor to open retail stores to reach out to consumers, but the shops will be…

9 years ago

Google Barge To Be A Floating Shop?

Google hints that its floating barges will be something akin to a floating shop to showcase new tech

9 years ago

MWC 2013: Google Denies Retail Store Plan

Google is not going to follow in Apple's footprints, after denying reports of Android-based retail stores

9 years ago

Google Boosts E-commerce With Channel Intelligence Deal

Google is paying nearly £80m for a company that will improve online shopping for consumers

10 years ago

Microsoft Beefs Up Retail With More Store Openings

Microsoft continues to ramp up its bricks and mortar retail presence with additional shop openings for 2013

10 years ago

Tesco Launches “Virtual Store” At Gatwick Airport

Offers to shop while waiting for a flight, with food delivered once customers are back

10 years ago

TechWeekEurope Tests John Lewis’ Virtual Fashion Mirrors

Trying on clothes without getting undressed? Now that’s augmented reality!

10 years ago