UK Blocks China Licensing Sensor Tech From Manchester University

Chinese firm blocked from licensing British vision technology developed by Manchester University, under national security grounds

4 weeks ago

Amazon Go Brings Checkout-Free Supermarket To Public

Amazon Go relies on sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to tell when customers are taking items from shelves, eliminating checkout…

5 years ago

Smartphones ‘Can Be Unlocked’ Using Covert Sensor Data

Singapore researchers used sensor information freely available to any mobile app to unlock Android phones in only three tries

5 years ago

Hackers Can ‘Crack’ Your PIN By Exploiting Smartphone Sensor Data

By monitoring sensor data, criminals web pages and malicious apps could potentially guess PINs to a surprising degree of accuracy

5 years ago

Cancer Research Smart Benches Offer Londoners Solar Power Charging And Free Wi-Fi

The smart benches come with contactless payment tech to enable people to make small on-the-fly donations

6 years ago

Amazon Go Physical Store Shuns Tills For AI, Data And IoT Powered Shopping

Embracing the Internet of Things, Amazon is mixing up the traditional format of physical shopping

6 years ago

Ditch Traffic Lights In Favour Of Connected Cars, Say Researchers

MIT researchers claim communicating vehicles would ease through intersections far more efficiently

6 years ago

Toshiba To Sell Sensor Business In Wake Of Accounting Scandal

Toshiba Corp offloading camera sensor business to Sony as new boss tries to overhaul semiconductor division

7 years ago

Forget The Fridges. How Is IoT Saving Humanity?

Nader Alaghband, CEO of Ampersand Mobile, says there are much cooler IoT technologies than fridges

7 years ago

MIT Develops Solar-Powered Sensor To Keep IoT Data Flowing

Researchers invent solar-powered sensors to harness Internet of Things potential

7 years ago

Cincinnati Airport Security Searches Your Smartphone Data To Trim Queue Times

Airport management have installed a sensor solution and analysis platform to improve passenger satisfaction and optimise operations

7 years ago

Smart City Search Engine Uses Sensors

University of Glasgow search engine project will use social media and sensors to take the pulse of a city

10 years ago

Sensors Will Play A Big Part In Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablet Apps

Windows 8 on tablets will use hardware sensors in a number of ways, perhaps none more important than for app…

11 years ago

Scavenging Free Green Power From Radio Waves

Radio wave propagation may be a form of pollution but it could be a source of free, ubiquitous energy

11 years ago

Will White Space Radio Be Green?

Smart Grids won't happen without cheap ubiquitous networking. White space technologies could deliver that, says Peter Judge

11 years ago

Comms Gets Personal With Body Networks

The IT Crowd gets a new definition as researchers in Belfast envisage people as 4G transmitters

12 years ago

IBM Summit: World Is Ready For Smart Grids

The UK is facing a looming energy crisis - but smart meters can help - according to the government's Minister…

12 years ago

HP: Sensors May Prevent Repeat Of BP Oil Disaster

HP envisions a future with trillions of sensors around the world helping to prevent man-made and natural disasters

12 years ago