Lawmakers Say Instagram’s Promises ‘Won’t Cut It’

US Senators say laws are needed to protect young people online, rejecting proposal by Instagram head Adam Mosseri of industry…

6 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg: Frances Haugen’s Allegations Don’t Make Sense

Mark Zuckerberg rejects Frances Haugen’s testimony that Facebook puts profits before people's safety, and says many of her allegations don't…

8 months ago

Whistleblower Says Facebook Knows It Is Harming People

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to testify before US Senate, but has alleged the social network puts profits before clamping down…

8 months ago

YouTube Suspends Rand Paul Over Facemask Claims

Another social platform has banned yet another US Republican politician over false claims about facemask effectiveness during pandemic

10 months ago

US Senate Finds Systemic Cybersecurity Failures In Federal Agencies

Personal data of millions of Americans is at risk because of cybersecurity failures at multiple federal agencies, US Senate report…

10 months ago

US Senate Democrats Propose $52 Billion For US Chip Production

Democrat leader in the US Senate revises legislation to approve $52 billion plan to ramp up US semiconductor manufacturing

1 year ago

Damaging Week For Apple, Google In Senate Hearings

App makers and others testify against the dominance of Apple and Google in US Senate antitrust hearing on Wednesday

1 year ago

US Proposal Would Ban Big Tech Firms From Buying Anything, Ever

Proposal by US Senator Josh Hawley would permanently ban companies over $100bn in market capitalisation from all mergers and acquisitions

1 year ago

US Senate Chastises Apple Over ‘Abrupt’ Testimony U-Turn

US Senate criticises Apple for 'abruptly' ending negotiations to provide testimony at upcoming competition hearing with little over two weeks'…

1 year ago

SolarWinds Executives Defend Conduct Before US Senate

'It was the Russians.' Senior executives from SolarWinds, Microsoft, FireEye and CrowdStrike defend themselves at US Senate

1 year ago

Twitter, Facebook CEOs Face Senate Grilling

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey face four hours of questioning on Tuesday by US Senate members over content moderation and…

2 years ago

Senate Panel To Subpoena Twitter, Facebook, Google CEOs

Subpoenas on the way after tech bosses refuse to appear on a voluntary basis before Senate panel on reform of…

2 years ago

Congress Moves To Block Trump’s Relaxing Of Huawei Blacklist

US lawmakers introduce bills to maintain tight restrictions on blacklisted Huawei

3 years ago

Facebook US Settlement Could Impose 20 Years Of Oversight

A deal with the FTC reportedly in the works could extend oversight of Facebook's data practices, but critics say it's…

3 years ago

Tech Firms Face Test On Their Algorithms For Bias

Computer algorithms and artificial intelligence systems will be required to show they are neutral on race, gender and other biases

3 years ago

More Troubles Ahead For ZTE After Senate Votes To Reinstate Embargo

Shares in ZTE and its US suppliers plummeted following the US Senate's vote to annul President Trump's trade deal

4 years ago

US Senate Considers Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity Ban For Military

American lawmakers to consider banning Kaspersky Lab products due to Russia espionage concerns

5 years ago

Google Pushes Out Its Privacy Policy Changes Despite Regulatory Disdain

Google is going ahead with privacy policy changes today despite pleas from European Union and US officials

10 years ago

How Can Schmidt Claim Google Is Not Dominant?

Google's chairman has already said that the search giant is in the monopoly class. Clint Boulton is stunned to hear…

11 years ago

‘Monopoly’ Keyword For Google Antitrust Hearing Rivals

CEOs for Yelp and NexTag, plus the former DoJ antitrust enforcer took aim at "monopolistic" Google

11 years ago

Google Steered Clear Of Microsoft’s Antitrust Mistakes

Google's Eric Schmidt withstood a good, old-fashioned grilling by the Senate Antitrust Committee

11 years ago

Eric Schmidt Called To Defend Google’s Position

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt will testify to the US Senate in an antitrust hearing in September

11 years ago

Anonymous Attacks Monsanto, Steals Employee Data

Anonymous releases information stolen from Monsanto as the US Senate addresses cyber-security issues

11 years ago

Lulzsec Hackers Take Down CIA Site And Hit Senate

Hacktivists Lulzsec overloaded the CIA's website on Wednesday, as part of continuing protests

11 years ago

Fiorina Gets No Support From HP In Senate Race

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina is finding little support from her old company in her bid to unseat Sen. Barbara…

12 years ago