Security Update

Microsoft To Offer Consumers Paid Windows 10 Support Beyond Cutoff Date

For the first time Microsoft is to offer consumers paid security updates for Windows 10, when support officially ends in…

6 months ago

Microsoft Says No More Feature Updates For Windows 10

Current version of Windows 10 (version 22H2) will be the last version of Windows 10 OS, with support ending in…

1 year ago

Microsoft “Permanently Disables” Internet Explorer

Final final twitch of the Internet Explorer corpse? Microsoft has “permanently disabled” Internet Explorer from Windows 10

1 year ago

Apple Security Flaw Being Actively Exploited

Update now. Vulnerability impacts a number of Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac models, and the flaw has been actively exploited

2 years ago

Government PSTI Bill To Protect Consumer Tech From Cyber Threats

Ban on easy to guess default passwords, plus obligation on manufacturers to be transparent about cyber, included in new government…

3 years ago

Apple Issues Urgent Security Update For iPhones, iPads and Macs

Discovery of 'zero-click' spyware allegedly from NSO Group, sees Apple issuing emergency update to iPhone, iPad and Mac users

3 years ago

One Billion Android Phones At Hack Risk – Which?

Which? report warns hundreds of millions of Android phones are now at risk because they are no longer receiving security…

4 years ago

Samsung Can Ignore Updates For Old Phones

Legal victory in Netherlands means tech giant is not obliged to update older generation smartphones

6 years ago

Intel Ships Revised Spectre Patches

Chip giant rolls out revised Spectre patches, after initial fix proved worse than the bug it was supposed to repair

6 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft’s 53 Vulnerabilities Surpassed By Adobe Fixes

No zero-day vulnerabilities this month, but still a moderate number of patches from Microsoft

7 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Fixes Exploit Found In Wild

No rest for system admins as Patch Tuesday tackles 62 vulnerabilities; 28 of which are rated as critical

7 years ago

July’s Patch Tuesday Fixes 19 Critical Flaws

Normal size security update for July as Microsoft delivers first fix for its HoloLen product

7 years ago

Patch Tuesday Includes Fixes For Ancient Windows XP And To Tackle WannaCry

Unprecedented move as update includes patches for 'unsupported' Windows XP and Vista

7 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Lands Hours After Emergency Patch

Redmond continues with new update format as May's edition tackles 57 vulnerability fixes

7 years ago

Patch Tuesday Update Leaves Windows Vista Users High And Dry

Windows Vista is now officially dead, as Microsoft leaves users of the old operating system with no clear upgrade path

7 years ago

Android Bulletin Delivers Fixes For Mainstream Android Devices

Google updates tackles security vulnerabilities with Android devices as well as update for its Nexus handsets

7 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Delayed Update Arrives As Microsoft Signals End Of Windows Vista

Welcome back. Delayed Patch Tuesday arrives for March and it is a whooper, with 139 vulnerability fixes

7 years ago

Light Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update For January

Small beer for system admins this month with only four bulletins to worry about, two of which are critical

7 years ago

Microsoft Ends 2016 With Patch Tuesday Windows 10 Fix

Internet connection issues for Windows 10 users resolved in last Patch Tuesday update of 2016

8 years ago

Patch Tuesday November 2016: Microsoft Fixes Flaw Controversially Outed By Google

No surprises here. Patch Tuesday arrives to fix vulnerability that is being exploited by Russian hackers

8 years ago

Microsoft Blames Russia For Exploiting Google-Exposed Windows Flaw

Microsoft says Russian hackers behind exploit of unpatched Windows flaw, revealed by Google

8 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Routine For Microsoft, Adobe Is More Pressing

Routine fixes for Office and web browsers, but no flaws are being actively exploited in the wild

8 years ago

Patch Tuesday Tackles Browser Flaws Amid Another Adobe Zero-Day

Fixes for Edge and Internet Explorer, but admins warned to pay attention to serious Adobe Flash zero day

8 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update Tackles Exploited Flash And IE Flaws

“Critical” patches for zero-day vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, and Windows

8 years ago

Patch Tuesday Tackles Windows 10 Fixes

Microsoft welcomes its newest operating system, Windows 10, to its Patch Tuesday update cycle

9 years ago

Patch Tuesday Update Sees Critical Repair To IE

Surprisingly light Patch Tuesday update brings critical fixes for Microsoft's outgoing web browser

9 years ago

Patch Tuesday Delivers Critical Repairs To Office, Windows

Microsoft releases large security update, reflecting the growing volume of patches from all vendors in 2015

9 years ago

Panda Antivirus Bricks PCs After Faulty Update

Face-palm time. Panda Antivirus accidentally labels itself malware and damages an undisclosed number of PCs

9 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Resolves FREAK Flaw

No more FREAKY business. Microsoft rushes out fix for legacy encryption flaw in Patch Tuesday update

9 years ago

Huge Patch Tuesday Update Tackles Critical Bugs

Experts urge Windows users to download the mammoth Patch Tuesday update immediately

10 years ago