security flaw

Google Warns Of Bug That Can Block Android Emergency Calls

Google says it and Microsoft are working to fix rare issue with Android and Microsoft Teams after US user reports…

1 month ago

Thunderbolt Ports Vulnerable To Hackers

If a hacker gains physical access to your computer, the Thunderbolt port could be exploited to access the hard disc…

2 years ago

Huddle Flaw Exposes Sensitive Corporate Data

Confidential KPMG documents accessed because of security flaw with sign in process

4 years ago

Fiat Chrysler Recalls Hacked Cars Amid Response Criticism

Car firm posts USB stick with patch for wireless hack flaw and recalls another 8,000 cars

6 years ago

Tesla Issues Patch After Serious Car Hack

A hack that allowed researchers to gain control of Tesla's electric vehicle has now been patched

6 years ago

How Sex And Dating Apps Are ‘Leaking’ Your Data

Security flaw puts users of apps including Tinder, Grindr, Angry Birds, Starbucks and Whisper in danger

7 years ago

Apple Security Woes Deepen With Fresh Malware Threat

Apple products in China that use Mac OS or iOS are under attack by a new family of malware

7 years ago

Flaws In Legit Software Cause Security Woes – Kaspersky

The root cause of internal security incidents are often down to flaws in legitimate software, says Kaspersky Lab

8 years ago

Oracle Fixes Security Flaw In Flagship Database

Oracle has fixed a security flaw in its flagship database product that was exposed at the Black Hat security conference

9 years ago

Microsoft Mends 23 Bugs With Patch Tuesday Update

Microsoft's monthly update is targetting 23 security vulnerabilities, including a flaw exploited by Duqu

10 years ago

HTC Patches Security Flaw On Android Phones

HTC has admitted to a security flaw on its handsets and revealed it has already issued a patch

10 years ago

Google Hands Over £16,000 For Chrome Bug Bounties

Google has paid out over £16,000 to bug hunters who uncovered 18 flaws in Chrome 15

10 years ago

Security Researchers Warn Of Android Design Flaw

Researchers have warned of a flaw in Android that allows fake pop-ups to appear in legitimate apps

10 years ago

Android Phones Contain Major Authentication Flaw

Security researchers have warned that most Android smartphones contain an authenticate vulnerability

11 years ago

Facebook Patches New Security Vulnerability

Facebook has closed a loophole that allowed attackers to gain access to user data without their consent

11 years ago

Adobe Readies Critical Fix For Flash Player

Adobe is shortly to release a patch for a critical security vulnerability in its Flash Player software

11 years ago

Google Hits Back At Android Security Flaw Report

US tech giant gets defensive over report into possible security dangers of Android applications

12 years ago

Mozilla Fixes Critical Security Flaw With Firefox 3.6.2

Mozilla has moved quickly to plug the security vulnerability in Firefox after the German government advised the public to stop…

12 years ago

Germany Warns Web Users To Stop Using Firefox

The German Government has warned web users to switch browsers until Mozilla patches a security flaw in its Firefox browser

12 years ago