security breaches

GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach Of 1.2 Million Customers

Unauthorised access of customer's WordPress installations, results in the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers being accessed

6 months ago

Adobe Admits Massive Security Breach

Adobe has reported a major security breach that could impact up to 2.9 million customers

9 years ago

Adobe Confirms Hacker Breach Of Connect Video Conferencing

Adobe has confirmed that the personal data of 150,000 users has been compromised after a hacker breach

10 years ago

Southwark Council Found Guilty Of Data Breach

ICO would have fined Southwark for losing records lost in a skip, if the case wasn't two years old

11 years ago

Small Businesses Lack Security Preparation

Small businesses must do more in order to be ready for potential data loss or security breaches

11 years ago

Metadata Could Tame Unstructured Information

Organisations are drowning in unstructured data - the only way to get control is metadata, says IDC

11 years ago

Scottish Hacker Gets 18 Months Prison Sentence

The Scottish spammer who pleaded guilty last month to charges of distributing malware has been jailed

11 years ago

Badly Configured Networks Cause Most Data Breaches

A badly configured network is most often the cause of security breaches, a survey of hacking habits has revealed

12 years ago

HP Beefs Up Virtual And Physical Security Offerings

HP has strengthened its security portfolio in order to prevent breaches in physical and virtual environments

12 years ago