section 230

Zuckerberg Proposes ‘Thoughtful Reform’ Of Section 230 Liability

Ahead of appearance before US hearings on Thursday, Facebook boss suggests 'thoughtful' changes to Section 230 liability protection law

3 weeks ago

Twitter, Facebook Block Donald Trump After Four Die In Capitol Siege

President Trump suspended from both Twitter and Facebook for posts to 'supporters', after mob storm US Capitol building and people…

3 months ago

Trump Vetoes $740bn Defense Bill Over Section 230

US President follows through on threat and vetoes major US defence bill over Section 230 protection for social networking firms

4 months ago

Trump Threatens To Veto US Defence Bill Over Section 230 Protection

President Trump warns that unless Section 230 liability protection for social networking firms is removed, he will veto a major…

4 months ago

Twitter, Facebook CEOs Face Senate Grilling

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey face four hours of questioning on Tuesday by US Senate members over content moderation and…

5 months ago

Testy Grilling Of Tech CEOs Dominates Senate Hearing

Senate panel probing of tech CEOs highlights party differences, with grandstanding politicians deemed 'petty' by some observers

6 months ago

Big Tech CEOs Defend Section 230 Online Protection Law

Missing Mark...CEOs of both Google and Twitter defend law before Senate panel that exempts social networking firms from liability for…

6 months ago

Twitter, Facebook Sanction President Trump’s Misleading Covid-19 Posts

After he leaves hospital, Twitter and Facebook take action against 'Coronavirus misinformation' posts by US President Trump

6 months ago