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Google CEO Pichai To Be Questioned In $5bn Web Tracking Lawsuit

US federal judge rules CEO of search engine giant Google, Sundar Pichai, can be questioned over a lawsuit about tracking…

5 months ago

DuckDuckGo Search Engine Grows 46 Percent In 2021

Privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo enjoys record growth in 2021, reflecting people's ongoing preference for privacy

5 months ago

China Orders Microsoft Bing To Suspend Auto-suggest Function

Last remaining major foreign search engine still operating in China, ordered to suspend its auto-suggest function by local authorities

5 months ago

Google To Invest $740 Million After Australia Clash

Clash that saw Google threaten to withdraw services from Australia altogether, to be settled with fresh investment in the country

6 months ago

Australia Wants Search Engine Choice Screen On Smartphones

Search engine move plotted down under. Australian watchdog plans to make Google offer smartphone users an alternative search engine

7 months ago

Google To Halt Charges For Alternative Search Engines On Android

Google is to allow other search engines to be offered on Android for free, after cancelling the default search preference…

12 months ago

Australia Claims Microsoft Bing Ready To Replace Google Search

Government minister claims Microsoft's Bing ready to step in, if Google follows through on threat to withdraw search from Australia

1 year ago

Google Warns It May Withdraw Search Engine From Australia

Nuclear option. Google executive warns it will withdraw search engine from Australia due to 'unworkable' publisher payments law

1 year ago

Google Hit With Third Antitrust Lawsuit

Another day, another antitrust lawsuit. More legal action alleging Google operates a search monopoly, and prevents Alexa in speakers using…

1 year ago

Google Critics Urge EU Antitrust Action

Joint letter from 165 companies and industry bodies sent to EU antitrust chief, urges fresh antitrust action against Google

2 years ago

DoJ Sues ‘Gatekeeper’ Google Over Alleged ‘Illegal Monopoly’

Breakup threat. US Department of Justice lawsuit accuses Google of abusing its position to dominate search and search advertising

2 years ago

Google To Delete User Searches, Location Data After 18 Months

Privacy win? Google will automatically delete user's website searches and visits, as well as some location data, after 18 months

2 years ago

DoJ Investigates Google Search Domination, Approaches DuckDuckGo

US competition authorities have approached Google search rival DuckDuckGo, in a sign its antitrust investigation is advancing

2 years ago

UK Regulator Turns Attention To Tech Giant Competition Regulation

The UK Competition and Markets Authority says it may consider implementing tougher rules on tech giants over competition concerns

2 years ago

Google Wins Significant Victory In ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Case

Victory against censorship? Google wins landmark ruling from Europe's top court over right to be forgotten case

3 years ago

Google Cancels Controversial ‘Project Dragonfly’

Pressure from staff. Android search engine app for Chinese market cancelled by Google

3 years ago

Google Paid Executive $45m After Sexual Assault Allegation – Report

Court documents show Google executive paid tens of millions of dollars after he was forced to resign

3 years ago

Google To Change Sexual Harassment Policies

Weeks of protests draws concession from senior management over the way it handles sexual harassment

4 years ago

Google ‘Thoughtfully Considering’ How To Offer China Services

Alphabet boss tells US senators that firm is considering China re-entry, but declines to address censorship concerns

4 years ago

Google Confirms Existence Of Project Dragonfly

Google confirms Project Dragonfly is being developed, but 'censorship search' for China is not close to launch

4 years ago

No Need For Google To Vet Websites, Court Rules

Google is not obliged to vet websites for defamatory content, German court rules in right to be forgotten case

4 years ago

Google Hit With Second Discrimination Lawsuit

Former Google engineer alleges discrimination after he was fired for opposing discrimination

4 years ago

Microsoft Brings AI To Bing For Smarter Answers

Software giant reveals AI updates to its product portfolio, as it signs deal to bring Reddit content to Bing

4 years ago

Google Submits Compliance Plans For EU Antitrust Order

Google sends antitrust regulators its proposed fixes to compile with shopping results antitrust order

5 years ago

Microsoft Adds Azure Search Added For UK Cloud Customers

Developers can now build advanced search capabilities without search expertise, thanks to new Azure service

5 years ago

WSJ Claims Google Used Search Engine To Promote Own Products

Analysis alleges that Google used its search engine results to place adverts for its own products in top spot

5 years ago

Chinese Firm Ctrip Snaps-Up Scotland’s Skyscanner For £1.4bn

UK startup gets acquired by Chinese travel giant

6 years ago