Email Scammers Reaping Huge Rewards, Study Shows

Email scammers making over $300 million per month in America, US Treasury department warns

1 year ago

Microsoft Tech Support Scammers Arrested In UK

Annoying tech support scammers ... four arrested in the UK after City police team up with Microsoft

3 years ago

Barclays Fights Fraud With Smartphone Debit Card Controls And Scam Awareness Drive

The UK bank wants to educate people about the risks of cyber crime and fraud

3 years ago

Google Squashes Phishing Scam Aimed At Docs Users

The scam appears to have affected but a few users yet was surprisingly sophisticated

3 years ago

PayPal And Bitcoin Scamming Fake Android Apps Discovered On Google Play Store

The apps attempt to comprise PayPal and Paxful accounts via scamming users

4 years ago