Briton Arrested Over Twitter Hack Of Public Figures

Another arrest over the hack of high profile Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Barak Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and…

4 months ago

Brothers Deny Involvement In $3.6bn South African Bitcoin ‘Heist’

Two brothers who operated cryptocurrency investment firm Africrypt deny involvement in 'hack' that made off with billions of pounds' worth…

5 months ago

Users Warned Over WhatsApp Account Hijack Scams

Users are continuing to fall for scams that allow hackers to take over their WhatsApp accounts or trick them into…

6 months ago

Massive ‘Parcel Delivery’ SMS Scam Campaign Hits UK

Millions of scam text messages hit UK mobile phones pretending to be from parcel delivery firms, but in reality spreading…

7 months ago

Telephone Landline Usage In ‘Terminal Decline’, Uswitch Finds

As usage of WhatsApp, Zoom etc soars, the humble telephone landline declines, with 26 percent not even bothering to connect…

7 months ago

NHS Executive’s Twitter Account Hacked In PS5 Scam

Twitter account of NHS chief transformation officer Helen Bevan taken over by hackers, used to advertise PlayStation 5 scam to…

8 months ago

European Commission Warns Of Rising Pandemic Scam Risk

European Commission tells internet media and e-commerce companies to prepare for increase in Covid-19-related scams and disinformation as cases rise

1 year ago

Teenager Pleads Not Guilty To Organising Twitter Hack

Not me, gov'nor. Florida-based teenager pleads not guilty to masterminding major hack of Twitter's internal systems for bitcoin scam

1 year ago

Apple’s Steve Wozniak Sues Google’s YouTube

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for allowing scammers to use images and videos of him in a cryptocurrency scam

1 year ago

Hackers Compromise Twitter Accounts Of Major Public Figures

Bitcoin scam sees Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, as well as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: NCSC Takedown Of Hundreds Of Scam Covid-19 Shops

UK cyber defender NCSC takes down 2,000 Coronavirus scams last month - launches ‘cyber aware’ campaign to mitigate threats

2 years ago

Microsoft And Others Takedown Botnet Necurs

One of the world's largest botnets that was responsible for multiple scams and infected over nine million computers, has been…

2 years ago

Martin Lewis Calls For Action As Fake Ad Reports His Death

No, the founder of MoneySavingExpert and well known money saving expert Martin Lewis, is not dead, despite fake adverts to…

2 years ago

Kolkata Police Shut Down Scam Call Centres

Fraudsters convinced Devon man his computer had been taken over by a Russian criminal involved in trafficking guns, ammunition and…

2 years ago

Libra Cryptocurrency Scams Found On Facebook, Instagram

Facebook's own platforms found to be used in scams related to Libra cryptocurrency, adding to regulatory pressure over the controversial…

2 years ago

Facebook Scam Lawsuit Dropped By Martin Lewis

Legal action halted after Facebook agrees to introduce scam ads reporting button, and makes financial donation

3 years ago

‘London Blue’ Fraud Group Targets Financial Services Industry

The group is carrying out targeted financial scams on a large scale, with a hit list of 35,000 chief financial…

3 years ago

Scam Phone Message In Chinese Hits US Weather Service Intercom System

The message in Mandarin Chinese was part of an ongoing robocall campaign hitting phones around the country

3 years ago

Hackers ‘Using International Characters To Create Scam Sites’

Researchers find an upsurge in scam sites with lookalike international characters in the domain name

3 years ago

Tech Support Scams Surge 24 Percent

Fifteen percent of those affected lost money, with losses ranging from $200 to $400 or more, Microsoft finds

4 years ago

Facebook Hit With Lawsuit Over Scam Bitcoin Adverts

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis aims to 'give Facebook a bloody nose' for false adverts

4 years ago

Scammers ‘Telephoning MPs To Obtain Passwords’

Following the attack on Parliament's network two weeks ago MPs were targeted by scam callers in an effort to obtain…

4 years ago

PayPal Phishing Attack Demands Selfie With Photo ID

An unusually authentic-looking phishing scam attempts to obtain a photo of the target in order to launder stolen funds

4 years ago

WhatApp Scam Tricks Users Into Handing Over Subscription Fee

WhatsApp hasn't charged a subscription since it was first launched in 2010

5 years ago

Card Scammers Hack Top Restaurants In POS Attack

A list of well-known restaurants across the US are amongst those affected by the latest mass point-of-sale breach

5 years ago

TalkTalk Bans TeamViewer Remote Access Tool To Combat Scammers

The move is aimed at tightening security, but users slated the ISP for giving them no warning

5 years ago

Whistleblowers Describe Industrial-Scale Indian TalkTalk Scam

Scammers reportedly operating at least three call centres in two Indian cities targeting TalkTalk customers

5 years ago

Dutch Developer Backdoor Scam ‘Affects 20,000 Users’

A developer installed back-doors in online shops and used the details he collected for sophisticated financial fraud, Dutch police say

5 years ago

WhatsApp Scam Claims To Offer Free 3G And Wi-Fi

The fraudsters are able to tailor the content they serve depending on the characteristics shown by the victim

5 years ago

Tech Support Scam Uses Fake ‘Blue Screen Of Death’

New malware scam urges users to call a number when confronted with a fake blue screen of death

5 years ago