satellite navigation

Galileo Satellite Navigation System Suffers Major Outage

Disruption means receivers are not picking up usable signals 'until futher notice', reportedly due to a fault at a ground…

2 years ago

Europe’s Galileo Sat Nav System Goes Live

Seventeen years in the planning, delayed and over budget, but 2016 witnesses the arrival of Europe's answer to the GPS…

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: GPS

A product resulting from the Cold War, the GPS system has transformed people's lives and indeed journeys

4 years ago

Google Confirms £831m Waze Navigation Purchase

Google has flexed its financial muscle and snapped up Waze, which had also been courted by Apple and Facebook

8 years ago

Smartphone Navigation Apps Slash Device Sales

Sales of dedicated navigation devices are being badly squeezed by the growing use of mobile navigation apps

8 years ago

Google Adds Indoor Maps For Christmas Shopping

To aid the Black Friday and Christmas shopping spree, Google has released indoor maps of selected worldwide locations

8 years ago

Sensewhere’s ‘Crowdsourced’ Indoor Nav App

Sensewhere has launched a self-correcting global positioning system (GPS) – that works indoors

9 years ago

CSR Promises Indoor Navigation With New Chip

CSR has developed a 'breakthrough' chip that it says can even work indoors, and tell what floor you are on

9 years ago

Microsoft Streetside Takes On Google In UK

Microsoft has revealed that its answer to Google's controversial StreetView is soon to arrive in the UK

10 years ago

Britain’s GPS Reliance Could Lead To ‘Loss Of Life’

Brits are "dangerously over-reliant" on satellite navigation systems, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering

10 years ago