Google Increases Concessions, Amid CMA Oversight Of Cookie Removal

Google expands data pledges to address concerns of British competition regulator, overseeing tech giant's removal of third-party tracking cookies

7 months ago

UK Watchdog Agrees ‘Oversight’ On Google’s Cookie Removal

Unhappy advertiser complaint sees CMA taking a key oversight role over Google’s planned removal of third-party cookies (i.e. its Privacy…

1 year ago

New Locky Ransomware Tactic Could Fool Sandboxes

New devious evasion technique from Locky ransomware found by Malwarebytes researchers

5 years ago

What Should Chief Security Officers Ask Santa For This Christmas? (Part 1)

It’s that time of the year when chief security officers (CSOs) can ask Santa for a wee bit of help.…

7 years ago

Blue Coat Buys Norwegian Sandboxing Experts Norman Shark

Half of Norman Shark technology has already been integrated into Blue Coat products

9 years ago

Cyber-Attack Targets Adobe Reader And Windows XP

Adobe Reader users are being targeted by a cyber-attack that dodges sandboxes

9 years ago

Check Point: Good Security Is About Discovering The Unknown

Gabi Reish from Check Point explains why traditional IT security solutions are becoming irrelevant

9 years ago

Sandbox Protection From Malware-As-A-Service And Zeus Variants Will Trend In 2012

A Verisign report on 2012 security threats picks MaaS and open-source Zeus kit issues as sandbox candidates

10 years ago

Adobe Offers Flash Sandbox Protection For Firefox

Adobe has released a beta Firefox plugin of Flash Player to protect users from malicious Flash code

10 years ago

Hardened Android Release Has Better Sandboxing And Access-Control Policies

SE Android, developed by the US National Security Agency, is a security-enhanced version of Google's mobile platform

10 years ago

Avast Splices The Mainbrace With A New Release

Avast is based in Prague, a city of light and dark contrasts, which is a suitable backdrop for an anti-…

11 years ago

Free DNS Sandbox From OpenDNS For IPv6 Tests

The OpenDNS sandbox for IPv6 is a free service to encourage networking administrators to try the protocol

11 years ago

Researcher Bypasses Flash Sandbox Security

A security researcher has identified a way to bypass the security measure that protects Adobe's Flash Player

11 years ago

Invincea Protects By Virtualising PDF Reader Environment

Invincea moves Adobe PDF files into a sacrificial virtual environment to prevent infection from Reader malware

12 years ago

Adobe Secures Reader X With Sandboxing Technology

The new sandboxing capabilities in Adobe Reader X arms Windows users with PDF-flaw protection, the company says

12 years ago