Safe Harbor

Europe and US Agree Trans-Atlantic Data Sharing Deal

United States and European Union reach new agreement to allow businesses to transfer data and personal information across the pond

4 months ago

Irish Watchdog Provides Update On Data Transfer For Meta – Report

Ireland's data watchdog is to consult with fellow EU regulators in April over Meta's Facebook data transfers to the United…

6 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Mulls Closing Down Facebook, Instagram In Europe

Potential shutdown of Facebook and Instagram services in Europe has been suggested, if Meta can not process European data on…

6 months ago

Facebook To Move UK Users To US Data Agreements

Escaping GDPR protections? Social networking giant Facebook insists move will not change privacy controls or the services it offers

2 years ago

Top EU Court Strikes Down EU-US Privacy Shield Data Deal

Data sharing deal between the United States and Europe has been struck down by the European Court of Justice, with…

2 years ago

Facebook Wins Data Transfer Opinion Against Max Schrems

ECJ advisor says that personal data transfers from tech companies in the EU into the United States are “valid”, in…

3 years ago

Facebook Privacy Case Will Be Heard At ECJ

Europe's top court will finally hear privacy case against Facebook, after Irish Supreme Court ruling

3 years ago

EU-US Privacy Shield Passes First Annual Review

Relief for Facebook, Google etc as controversial data sharing agreement with the US passes its first test

5 years ago

Privacy Shield Faces Second Legal Challenge From French Privacy Advocacy Group

A second group of privacy campaigners join legal challenge to US-European Privacy Shield agreement

6 years ago

EU-US Privacy Shield Faces European Legal Challenge

Irish privacy campaign group files legal challenge, arguing Privacy Shield is not strong enough

6 years ago

Privacy Shield Gets Green Light From EU Governments

Safe Harbour 2.0 moves one step closer after European member states approve reworked data sharing deal with the US

6 years ago

ICO: Future UK Data Protection Laws Must Equal Those Of EU

Safe Habour advice. British data protection act should be used when transferring data to US, says ICO

6 years ago

Brexit Concern As EU and US Agree To Strengthen Privacy Shield

The United States and EU agree to modify data transfer pact, but what now for the UK?

6 years ago

Privacy Shield Setback After Officials Demand More Time

Meeting with European officials fails to reach agreement on data sharing agreement with the United States

6 years ago

Privacy Shield Fails To Gain EU Data Watchdog Support

European data protection watchdog group says new agreement does not provide enough reassurance over US spying

6 years ago

Safe Harbour 2.0 Not Adequate, Says WP29 Data Watchdog

The new data sharing agreement between Europe and the US may not be adequate, leak suggests

6 years ago

EU Regulators Keen To Restrict US Data Transfers

Europe plays hardball with America as the two side rush to agree new data transfer deal, before deadline

7 years ago

EU Safe Harbour 2.0 Data Transfer Deal Set For Next Month

EU officials will meet with their US counterparts in February to agree new Safe Harbour data transfer deal

7 years ago

Safe Harbour 2.0 Contains “Suspension Clause”

New data sharing agreement with United States can be suspended over privacy concerns, warns EU official

7 years ago

Zettabox Launches Service To Satisfy EU Safe Habour Needs

European cloud provider touts service for US companies wanting to comply with upcoming Safe Harbour rules

7 years ago

EC Tells US To Sort Out Safe Harbour Deal

'Over to you', as European Commission tells the US to sort out the Safe Harbour data sharing agreement

7 years ago

NetSuite: Safe Harbour Decision Was “Jarring”

But NetSuite’s CIO Doug Brown tells TechWeekEurope firm is ready to respond to Safe Harbour 2.0

7 years ago