Google Tracking Of Safari Users, Heads To UK Supreme Court

Ten years after it emerged Google had tracked Safari users browser history, the landmark case is to go before the…

7 months ago

Fortnite To Return To iPhones Via Cloud Gaming Service

Look Ma, no app...Epic Games bypasses Apple App Store ban on Fortnite by making it available via Nvidia's game streaming…

1 year ago

Google ‘Set To Roll Out’ Ad Tracker Blocking In Chrome

The move could help Google improve its privacy image – while at the same time giving it an advantage over…

3 years ago

Google Slapped With UK Lawsuit Over Data Gathering

Long rumbling argument over Google tracking Safari users results in mass civil lawsuit against the firm

4 years ago

Opera 44 Adds Browser Support For Apple Mac Touch Bar

Opera adds Touch Bar support along with multiple new features in browser update

5 years ago

Apple Patches Safari Bug Causing MacBook Pro Battery Issues

Cupertino places blame on the testing actions of Consumer Reports triggering the flaw

5 years ago

Browser Autofill Profile Poses Security Risk

Form filling vulnerability. Handy autofill profiles could potentially pose a security risk, says researcher

5 years ago

Pirate Bay Is Blocked By Chrome, Firefox And Safari As ‘Phishing Risk’

Chrome, Safari and Firefox all now classify Pirate Bay as a ‘phishing site’ that could unleash malware onto users

6 years ago

Apple Works On Fix For Buggy iOS 9.3

Apple solves activation bug but iOS 9.3 users now complain they can't open links on iPhone and iPad

6 years ago

Apple Updates OS X 10.11.4 And iOS 9.3 To Boost Security

Among the security updates is a critical vulnerability in Apple's Messages app that could have exposed users to risk

6 years ago

Apple Safari Crashes For iOS and Mac Users

Safari users suffer more pain as suggestions blamed for crashing bug

6 years ago

Apple Patches Safari Cookie Vulnerability

Security researcher reveals Safari browser bug that could have affected up to one billion Apple devices

7 years ago

UK Safari Users Can Sue Google Over ‘Unjust’ Tracking

Court of Appeal dismisses Google claim that Safari users cannot take legal action over cookies because they did not suffer…

7 years ago

Apple Fixes WebKit Vulnerability in Safari

Apple updates its Safari web browser, fixing a multiple memory compression issue

7 years ago

Apple Patches Severe Safari Vulnerabilities

Apple patches 27 bugs in Safari that could have allowed hackers to target users via specially-crafted sites

8 years ago

Firefox, Safari And Internet Explorer Are All Broken At Pwn2Own

French exploit merchant Vupen walks away with most of the prize money on the first day of Pwn2Own

8 years ago

Google Seeks To Throw Out UK Safari Tracking Lawsuit

Google will argue in a jurisdiction hearing today that privacy lawsuits over alleged tracking of mobile and desktop users' browsing…

8 years ago

Google Settles Safari Tracking Lawsuits

Google will pay $17m to various US states in order settle the Safari browser tracking cases

8 years ago

Google: We Should Not Be Subject To British Privacy Law

Google said to have made claim in defending itself against circumvention of Apple Safari cookie protections

8 years ago

Researchers Warn Over Apple Safari Flaw

Rapid7 says flaw could let attackers steal passwords or even get keyloggers on users' machines

9 years ago

UK Users Sue Google Over Safari Tracking

A group of users have begun coordinating legal actions against Google over its alleged tracking of desktop and mobile Safari…

9 years ago

Google FTC Fine Hits Record Of £14m

Google guilty of tricking Safari users into accepting tracking cookies

9 years ago

Safari For Windows Quietly Vanishes

Harry Houdini would be impressed

9 years ago

Google To Pay $22.5m To Settle Apple Safari Privacy Row

Google has agreed to settle over claims it forced cookies down Apple users' throats

9 years ago

Google Thrown To The Watchdog Lions Over Safari

Google is bracing itself for massive fines from US and EU authorities over its circumvention of Apple's Safari browser protection

10 years ago

Google Hit With Lawsuits Over Safari Tracking

Google is being sued in the United States over its placement of online ad cookies in the Safari browser

10 years ago

Congressmen Ask FTC To Investigate Google Over Safari Tracking

Google says it is working to remove cookies “inadvertently” set on Safari users’ systems

10 years ago

Microsoft Internet Explorer Domination Continues

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser holds off Firefox, Chrome and others for market share, says StatCounter

10 years ago

Chrome Bruiser Threatens Firefox Knock Out

The Chrome browser hits 17.6% and gains on Mozilla Firefox at 22.5% threatening a New Year takeover

10 years ago