CES 2020: Rules To Govern AI Proposed By White House

US administration also wants European nations to adhere to rules over the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI)

11 months ago

Twitter Clarifies Rules After Call For Trump Ban

Platform says not in the public interest to remove politicians' tweets, after Democrat pressure to ban politicians' tweets

1 year ago

Broadband Advertising Rule Change Aims To Stop Bogus Speed Claims

Regulator rule change on broadband speed claims in effort to stop consumers being misled by ISP speed claims

3 years ago

US ISPs Could Sell User Data If Obama’s Internet Privacy Rules Are Challenged

Strict privacy rules for American ISPs may be overturned after Republican senator resolution

4 years ago

Megaupload Reveals The Need For User-Based Internet Legislation

Every cloud has a sinister lining or so the closure of MegaUpload and TV-Shack appears to indicate, writes Eric Doyle

9 years ago

EU Demands Explicit Geo-Location Permissions

Apple, Google and employers must comply with new European Union rules for geo-location data permissions

10 years ago