Twitter Loses Protection Liability Over User Content In India

Tense standoff for Twitter in India continues, after government strips the platform of its user content liability protection

5 months ago

EU To Propose ‘Two-Tier’ Rules For Tech Giants

European Union proposals outline 'asymmetric' approach to regulating largest tech companies, as UK shapes up plans for 'tailored' digital rules

12 months ago

CES 2020: Rules To Govern AI Proposed By White House

US administration also wants European nations to adhere to rules over the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI)

2 years ago

Twitter Clarifies Rules After Call For Trump Ban

Platform says not in the public interest to remove politicians' tweets, after Democrat pressure to ban politicians' tweets

2 years ago

Broadband Advertising Rule Change Aims To Stop Bogus Speed Claims

Regulator rule change on broadband speed claims in effort to stop consumers being misled by ISP speed claims

4 years ago

US ISPs Could Sell User Data If Obama’s Internet Privacy Rules Are Challenged

Strict privacy rules for American ISPs may be overturned after Republican senator resolution

5 years ago

Megaupload Reveals The Need For User-Based Internet Legislation

Every cloud has a sinister lining or so the closure of MegaUpload and TV-Shack appears to indicate, writes Eric Doyle

10 years ago

EU Demands Explicit Geo-Location Permissions

Apple, Google and employers must comply with new European Union rules for geo-location data permissions

11 years ago