Millions Of Sky Routers Left Vulnerable To Attack For Months

Sky routers left vulnerable to traffic-hijacking flaw for more than a year as company claims challenges in patch rollout process

6 months ago

Old Routers Pose Security Risk, Warns Which?

Elderly routers that can no longer receive firmware updates posed security risk to millions of people, consumer group Which? warns

1 year ago

Virgin Media Plugs Security Flaw In A Brace Of Its Wireless Routers

Hackers could have exploited the flaw to gain administrative access to affected home hubs

5 years ago

Bugs Batter Linksys Routers Opening Them Up To Becoming Botnets

Ten security holes were found in more than 20 router models from Linksys

5 years ago

Netgear Router Vulnerability Leaves Your Wi-Fi Network Exposed To Attack

Up to 31 Netgear rotuers impacted by remote access flaw that could leave your network a node in a botnet

5 years ago

Windows And Android Malvertising Campaign Puts Home Routers Under Attack

Security researchers at Proofpoint have identified a new malvertising attack on internet routers which ensnares networks though legitimate websites.

5 years ago

Deutsche Telekom: Cyberattack Could Have Taken 900,000 Routers Offline

Deutsche Telekom refuses to rule out "external parties" as it rolls out software upgrade to affected routers

6 years ago

Inteno Router Flaw Opens Up Home Networks To Hackers

F-Secure has discovered a critical flaw in the way some Inteno routers update their firmware leaving them vulnerable to malware

6 years ago

Ruckus Routers Found With Multiple Security Flaws

Tripwire research finds Ruckus routers are susceptible to intruders

6 years ago

Apple Patches ‘Critical’ AirPort Router Bug

The flaw could allow attackers to take over users' entire networks, say security researchers

6 years ago

CES 2016 – TP-Link Shows Off 60GHz 802.11ad Wi-Fi, Touchscreen Routers

"World-first" 60GHz TP-Link 60GHz router could deliver 7Gbps speeds, while touchscreen access point hopes to simplify the smart home

6 years ago

Chinese Wi-Fi Router ‘Pregnancy Mode’ Causes Controversy

“Pregnant Wi-Fi” setting for routers reduces radiation but launches debate between maker and rivals

7 years ago

Spam Campaign Exploits Router Security Flaws, Proofpoint Warns

Cybercriminals using phishing techniques to exploit router vulnerabilities, including weak passwords

7 years ago

Hacked Wi-Fi Routers Causing Latest Lizard Squad Attacks

Routers belonging to thousands of homes, universities and businesses could have been used to run LizardStresser DDoS attack service

7 years ago

Forget Your PC, It’s The Home Router That Could Be Opening You Up To Hackers, Says Avast

Router security currently similar to that of PCs in the 1990’s, Avast COO Ondrej Vlcek tells TechWeek Europe

7 years ago

Network Of 300k Hacked Routers Uncovered

Epic attack allows hackers to send victims to any IP address they choose

8 years ago

Cisco Builds ONE Strategy With Catalyst Switches

The new switches and routers introduced at Cisco Live are part of the company's wide ONE strategy for introducing programming…

9 years ago

Cisco CRS-X Router To Tackle Bandwidth Demand

Cisco promises speeds of up to 400 gigabits per second with its new core router, the CRS-X

9 years ago

Win A Wireless Router Worth £100 With TechWeekEurope

Win a TRENDnet N900 Dual Band Wireless Router in our latest competition

9 years ago

Cisco Gets Ready To Sell Linksys

Cisco to ditch consumer gear and focus on business

9 years ago

IDC Finds Slower Network Switch, Router Market In 3rd Quarter

Adoption of 10GbE technology grew in data centres, but this could not offset slow sales in the US, Western Europe…

9 years ago

Cisco Beats Expectations As Data Centre Move Pays Off

Cisco has posted positive financials, with a fall in switch and router sales offset by its data centre strategy

10 years ago

Cisco Abandons ADC Market As Competition Bites

Cisco is halting development of its ACE application delivery controller because of intense competition

10 years ago

Brocade Extends SDN And Fabric With Router, Switch Additions

Brocade has extended its fabric and software-defined networking (SDN) strategies with new product additions

10 years ago

Zyxel Targets SMBs With New 10G Switches

Zyxel is offering SMBs new 10G and gigabit switches designed to improve network performance and security

10 years ago

Brocade Reveals SDN Approach, Adds OpenFlow For 100GbE

Brocade has added OpenFlow support across its NetIron and MLX routers, and outlined its approach to SDN

10 years ago

Cisco Grows UC And Networking Portfolio For SMBs

Cisco has expanded its portfolio of switches, routers and UC products geared towards the smaller business

10 years ago

Cisco To Launch Router And WAN Sets To Ease Cloud Integration

Cisco is planning to roll out a package that includes its router and WAN offerings to simplify cloud computing connections

10 years ago