Russia Seeks To Fine Google, Meta On Annual Turnover

Russian regulator applies to court to fine US tech giants percentage of annual Russian turnover, over failure to remove “banned…

2 months ago

Russia To Send Bailiffs To Collect Unpaid Facebook Fines

Send in the bailiffs! Court in Moscow instructs state bailiffs on Thursday to collect fines imposed on Facebook throughout the…

4 months ago

Facebook Deletes Content Requested By Russia, But Will Still Be Fined

Not quick enough. Russia says Facebook has deleted the content it has requested, but will still be fined for not…

4 months ago

Russian Watchdog Warns Facebook Of Hefty Fine

Facebook warned it faces fine of up to 10 percent of its annual turnover in Russia, for failing to remove…

4 months ago

Russia Threatens Google With Online Slowdown

Roskomnadzor watchdog says Google services will be slowed down in Russia if it fails to remove so called “unlawful content”

8 months ago

Telegram Founder Doesn’t Budge On Sharing Of Private Data

Pavel Durov has, however, agreed to officially register the app with Russian authorities

5 years ago