Amazon Unveils New Devices For The Home, Including Astro The Robot

E-commerce giant Amazon launches a rolling robot called Astro, as well as a slew of new devices for the home…

2 months ago

Elon Musk Touts Humanoid Robot For Boring, Dangerous Jobs

Tesla will build a humanoid robot called Tesla Bot, to tackle “dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks”, Elon Musk announces

3 months ago

Softbank Pauses Production Of Pepper Robot – Report

Japanese conglomerate Softbank seems like it is officially retiring its friendly and diminutive robot that was nicknamed Pepper

5 months ago

Robot Dog Spot From Boston Dynamics On Sale For $74,500

Fancy being an owner of a robot dog? Well, if you happen to have £59,000 in cash spare, then you…

1 year ago

Amazon Trials Tech To Replace Warehouse Packers

The automated system, reportedly being tested in the UK, could allow Amazon to phase out thousands of its warehouse staff

3 years ago

ONS: Automation Poses ‘High Risk’ To 1.5 Million Jobs

Proportion of high-risk jobs has decreased since 2011, indicating some positions may already have been automated out of existence

3 years ago

Robots Not Stealing Our Jobs, World Bank Says

Automation has little effect on global labour market, despite worries that robots will remove many jobs

3 years ago

Delivery Robot Bursts Into Flames In California

The KiwiBot food delivery robot was dramatically consumed by fire after a defective battery was erroneously installed in it

3 years ago

‘High-Tech’ Russian Robot Turns Out To Be Man In Suit

State television reported it as a high-tech robot, but the android was in fact only an elaborate costume

3 years ago

Workplace Robots To Hit Low Paid The Hardest

Bad robot? Increasing automation must not drive workplace wage inequality, think tank warns

4 years ago

Softbank Buys Boston Dynamics From Google

Moonshot project shot down. Alphabet finally offloads unwanted robotics division Boston Dynamics

4 years ago

Boston Dynamics Shows Off Handle, A Six-Foot Tall ‘Nightmare-Inducing’ Robot

The two-wheeled robot showed off some of its impressive athletic capabilities

5 years ago

Airlines Could Replace Co-Pilots With “Genius” Robots

Researchers say using the robot is like having a co-pilot with 600,000 hours of experience

5 years ago

Ocado Develops 4G Protocol For Robots In Automated Warehouses

Online grocer develops 4G protocol to talk with robots operating its newly automated warehouses

5 years ago

Domino’s Trials Pizza Delivery Robot

End of the road for the pizza delivery boy? Your Pepperoni Passion could soon be delivered by robot

6 years ago

Google’s Alphabet Places ‘For Sale’ Sign On Boston Dynamics

Google reportedly signals retreat from robotics and looks for buyers of Boston Dynamics division

6 years ago

The Robot ‘Jailed’ For Buying Ecstasy Online Is Back

Random Darknet Shopper robot was kept in police custody for three months, but now it's randomly buying goods on Dark…

6 years ago

Robot With Bacteria Brains Developed By Scientist

Forget artifical intelligence - scientist develops technique for bacteria to control the behaviour of robots

6 years ago

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Predicts AI Will ‘Treat Humans As Pets’

Steve Wozniak changes his mind about artificial intelligence and predicts benevolent machines

6 years ago

Will Robots Replace Border Guards At Airports?

Aeroplane passengers in the future could be greeted by robot border guards instead of immigration officers

6 years ago

SoftBank’s Emotional Robot Pepper Goes On Sale

An 'emotional' robot that promises to be genuinely interactive will go on sale in America this weekend

6 years ago

Robot That Bought Ecstasy On Dark Web Freed By Police After Three Months

The Random Darknet Shopper had bought 10 yellow pills containing 90mg of ecstasy each as part of artists' experiment

7 years ago

Google Achieves US Patent For Robot Personalities

Who needs humans? Google granted new patent to give robots customised personalities

7 years ago

Grieving Japan Holds Funerals For Sony Robot Dogs

Japanese owners of Sony’s AIBO dogs are holding funerals for their robotic canines after becoming convinced they have souls

7 years ago

Down Boy – Google Reveals Human-Proof Robot Dog

Developed by robot specialists Boston Dynamics, Spot can cope with hills, rough terrain, and even human kicks

7 years ago

US Navy Builds Robot Fireman – Complete With Plucky Drone Sidekick

But latest trials suggests there is more work to be done

7 years ago

NASA Selects Entry For DARPA Robotic Competition

With two possible entries for an upcoming robotic challenge, NASA opts for the more manoeuvrable machine

7 years ago

World’s First Digital Animal Created In Robot Body

Is the world's first digital replica of an animal either a dog, cat, or a more exotic animal?

7 years ago

Self-Learning Robots Produced With 3D Printers

Norwegian researchers 'print' self-learning robots for potentially hazardous duties

7 years ago

Micro Robots To ‘Swim’ Through Human Body

Doctors in the future could make use micro robots swimming through your body to deliver medicine

7 years ago