IT Life: Supporting The Wonder Of The Internet

It takes a lot of nurture to keep Europe's Internet going, says RIPE NCC's Axel Pawlik

7 years ago

Providers Pushed To IPv6, As Europe’s Last IPv4 Addresses Are Issued

The last IPv4 addresses will be strictly rationed

8 years ago

London’s Olympics Could Lose The IPv6 Race

Beijing 2008 ran on IPv6; if London 2012 hasn't implemented it, that could be an international humiliation, says Axel Pawlik

9 years ago

IPv6 Day Shows Why The World Needs A New Internet

The IT industry is backing World IPv6 Day because Internet addresses are running out - as cloud demand hits

9 years ago

World IPv4 Stocks Finally Run Out

The Internet authority has assigned its last batches of IPv4 addresses, putting pressure on companies to adopt IPv6

10 years ago

RIPE NCC Secures Internet Routing With Certification Service

Internet traffic hijacking will be less likely when the Internet is secured with an encrypted routing registry

10 years ago

It’s Time To Let Go Of IPv4

Stocks of IPv4 addresses will have run out by January 2012. The sooner you switch over to IPv6, the easier…

10 years ago

How To Deploy IPv6 In Your Organisation

The Internet is running out of the current version of IP addresses. Maintain competitive advantage and save money by switching…

10 years ago