retina display

Apple Refreshes iPad Pro, iMac Portfolio

Spring Loaded event on Tuesday also sees Apple refreshing its iPad Pro tablet and iMac desktop product line, along with…

7 months ago

Apple Replaces 15-inch MacBook Pro With 16-inch Model

New model ditches controversial 'butterfly' keyboard and touts 80 percent performance increase

2 years ago

Apple Adds Facial Recognition To Revamped iPad Pro

Refresh for Macbook and iPad Pro sees higher prices, better processors and screens, and facial recognition

3 years ago

Rumour: Apple To Introduce MacBook Pro With Retina Display?

At its 23 October media event Apple may introduce a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop with a high-definition Retina display, according…

9 years ago

iPad Gets High-Resolution Anatomy App

Healthline's BodyMaps application uses the iPad's Retina display to show high-definition models of the human body

9 years ago

Google Adds Retina Display To Chrome Browser

Google has included bug fixes and support for Apple's Retina display in version 21 of the Chrome Browser

9 years ago

Reports: 13-Inch MacBook Pros To Get Retina Display

Reports from two analysts have predicted Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro will sport a Retina display by the end of this…

9 years ago

Retina MacBook Pro Faces Shipping Delay

Apple is backtracking over the shipping dates of its new Retina display MacBook Pro

9 years ago

Retina MacBook Pro Slated In Teardown

A teardown specialist has given the Retina display MacBook Pro the worse possible score, branding it virtually unfixable

9 years ago

Apple Adds Retina Display To Next-Generation MacBook

Apple has introduced iPad-like laptops with the latest Intel and Nvidia chips, including an ultra-thin MacBook

9 years ago

Apple Readies Major Mac Refresh At WWDC

Apple will reportedly add Retina displays as part of its major refresh of the Mac portfolio next week

9 years ago

MacBook Pro Update To Feature Retina Display, Ivy Bridge

According to leaked material, the upcoming ultrathin, 15-inch MacBook Pro notebook will feature an ultra-slim design and USB 3.0

10 years ago

Study: Consumers Want iPad Retina Display

Consumers said their main reason for purchasing Apple's new iPad was its high-resolution display

10 years ago

iPhone 5 To Have Larger Screen, New Reports Say

The next Apple smartphone will have a 4.6-inch retina display says South Korean newspaper

10 years ago

New iPad Sales Hit 3 Million

Apple says it has sold 3 million new iPads since the tablet launched last week, claiming its 'strongest iPad launch…

10 years ago

The New iPad: Has The King Returned?

The new iPad looks set to further establish Apple's tablet rule. Can rivals usurp the king?

10 years ago

New iPad Is Faster And Sharper But Misses On The ‘Wow’ Factor

Reviews of the iPad 3rd Generation are in. Most call it superior but there is a lack of the 'wow'-factor…

10 years ago

Apple Will Have Enough Retina Display Screens To Satisfy Demand

Apple's new iPad does not appear to face supply issues for its Retina Display despite current tablet stocks being sold…

10 years ago

Apple Retina Display Heading To MacBook Pros

Apple is reportedly extending its iPhone Retina Display across to its next generation of MacBook Pros

10 years ago

Rumour: Apple Sets Spring Launch For iPad 3

A new report estimates that Apple is planning a March or April launch for its next-generation iPad 3

10 years ago

Samsung Readies Tablet Display To Combat iPad 3

Samsung will go head-to-head with the iPad 3 with its own "retina" display tablet in New Year

10 years ago

Rumour: Retina Display For iPad 3?

Apple's iPad 3 could feature a high-resolution 'retina display' according to screenshots posted online

10 years ago

Apple Unlikely To Launch iPad 3 In The Autumn

Apple's new iPad 3 tablet is likely to made an appearance in the Autumn, despite earlier rumours

11 years ago

Apple To Hold Back Retina Display For iPad 3: Report

Apple will forgo introducing a high-resolution display in the iPad 2, instead adding it to the iPad 3

11 years ago