retail outlet

Apple To Bank On Revised Retail Store Strategy

Doubling down on its retail stores, after Apple retail chief confirms post pandemic extension of its retail operations in US

7 months ago

Huawei To Invest £10m In High Street ‘Experience Stores’

What rejection? Chinese tech giant Huawei to open three stores in London and Manchester, creating 100 jobs in the process

2 years ago

Microsoft To Open Retail Store In Central London

Redmond finally remembers the consumer market, as it readies opening of new retail outlet in heart of London

3 years ago

Google To Open New York Store – Report

Google is reportedly to open a brick-and-mortar shop in New York city to showcase its products and services

8 years ago

Google Expands Chromebook Retail Presence

Google has added to its existing Chromebook retail network with the addition of Staples and Walmart

9 years ago

MWC 2013: Google Denies Retail Store Plan

Google is not going to follow in Apple's footprints, after denying reports of Android-based retail stores

9 years ago

Microsoft Beefs Up Retail With More Store Openings

Microsoft continues to ramp up its bricks and mortar retail presence with additional shop openings for 2013

9 years ago

Microsoft Promises More Retail Outlet Openings

Microsoft will open more retail shops as it continues its 'bricks and mortar' sales approach in 2013

9 years ago

Apple Hires Dixons Boss To Run Its Retail Stores

Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended his decision to hire the boss of Dixons to run Apple's retail stores

10 years ago

Google Launches ‘Chromezone’ Store In London

Google's branded shop within a shop is designed to promote and sell Samsung Chromebooks running Chrome OS

10 years ago