Apple Opens ‘Self Service Repair’ Online Store

Right to repair victory? Apple finally begins to allow users to purchase genuine parts so they can repair an iPhone…

1 month ago

Apple To Allow iPhone Users To Repair Their Own Device

Right To Repair win? Apple is to sell, for the first time, spare parts to techie-minded customers so they can…

6 months ago

Apple Developing Patch For Face ID Issue Found By iFixit

Apple promises patch, after iFixit finds when a screen on iPhone 13 is replaced by a third-party repair shop, it…

7 months ago

Self-Healing Mobile Phone Screens Invented By Scientists

No more cracked mobile phone screens? Scientists claim they have invented a smartphone screen that can self repair and heal…

1 year ago

AirPods Pro Given Zero Rating By Teardown Specialist iFixit

Like its predecessors, the latest generation AirPods are glued together, which earns the AirPods Pro a zero repairability rating

3 years ago

Researchers Develop Autonomous Drone For Wind Farm Inspections

New technology reduces need to ferry human technicians out to offshore wind farms, potentially resulting in significant cost savings for…

3 years ago