Apple Plans Second £700m Renewable Data Centre In Denmark

Apple continues its green IT drive as renewable energy takes centre stage

5 years ago

Google To Hit 100 Percent Renewable Energy Target In 2017

Solar and wind investment pays off as Google reveals it will reach 100 percent renewable energy target in 2017

6 years ago

Apple Agrees Green Solar Initiatives In China

iPhone maker wants to clean up its supply chain and promises big solar energy projects for renewables push

7 years ago

Tesla Powerwall Battery Launched To Power Homes

Carmaker reveals rechargeable lithium-ion battery unit that stores solar power for homes and businesses

7 years ago

Could Scotland Achieve Data Centre Independence?

Customers want local data centres after The Snowden revelations. Peter Judge thinks a new site might be just what Scotland…

8 years ago

Microsoft Partners University For Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Microsoft teams up with Texan university to explore green ways to meet data centre energy needs

8 years ago

Scotland’s Biggest Data Centre Will Be The UK’s First On Fully Renewable Power

The Queensway plant in Glenrothes hopes to serve government IT using 9MW of biomass-powered electricity

8 years ago

Greenpeace Slams ‘Dirty’ Amazon Web Services, Twitter

Leading tech firms praised by Greenpeace for their renewable energy drive, with the exception of AWS and Twitter

8 years ago

Google Launches World’s Largest Solar Power Project

Ivanpah solar plant will look to power more than 140,000 California homes

8 years ago

Microsoft Builds Its Waste-Powered Dream Data Centre

Microsoft's plan for a data centre that makes its own electricity sounded fanciful. Peter Judge is pleased it's becoming reality

8 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Renewable Energy

Solar, wind and hydro-electric are just some of the ways to power data centres and phones

9 years ago

London Buildings Pack MicroGrids And Death Rays

Adding renewable energy to a building makes sense - but solar power can be dangerous, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

IBM To Develop Solar Collector For Green Energy Push

IBM and others are working on a solar collector that can magnify the power of 2,000 suns for green energy

9 years ago

Verne Global Expands Iceland Data Centre With More Colt Modules

More Colt modules will expand Verne's renewable-powered data centre in Keflavik

9 years ago

HP Promises Zero Energy Data Centres

Analytics and job scheduling can alter a data centre's energy demand, says HP

10 years ago

Does Greenpeace Even Get Tech?

It is important to make IT greener, but we need a better watchdog than Greenpeace, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Green Data Centres Could Run On Pig Manure

Google and Apple both look like using the same source to reduce their carbon emissions, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Delegation Aims To Pull Silicon Valley Data Centres To Sweden

Officials from Sweden are on a mission to lure Californian data to the cooler, greener Nordic environment

10 years ago

The Renewable Energy Behind Iceland’s Data Centre Bid: In Pictures

Its reliable sources of renewable energy make Iceland an ideal site for Cloud-based data centres. This month, TechWeekEurope visited the…

10 years ago

Greenpeace And Facebook Decide To Friend One Another

Eco-warriors and social networkers decide to Like one another by joining forces to encourage green data centres

11 years ago

Datapipe Plugs Into Verne’s Icelandic Data Centre

Datapipe signs up, as the modules start to ship to build Verne Global's green data centre

11 years ago

Are Data Centres Going The Wrong Way On Green Power?

Peter Judge asks why data centres are switching to renewable energy, just as the government may be backing away from…

11 years ago

Interxion Brick Lane Data Centre To Use Green Energy

A data centre in London's East End has opted for 100 percent renewable energy to meet carbon targets

11 years ago

Data Centre Claims European Clean Power First

Companies such as BT and Logica will be taking advantage of sustainable power at no extra cost

12 years ago