Bank Of England Begins To Outline UK’s Crypto Regulatory Approach

The UK's Bank of England begins this week to publicly outline its first regulatory framework for cryptoassets, amid ongoing concerns

2 months ago

Elon Musk Warns Of Overtaxation in California

Tesla CEO says he has sold 'enough stock' and slams California for 'overtaxation' and 'overegulation' and 'overlitigation'

5 months ago

European Commission Proposes Tough AI Regulation, Fines

Huge fines and tough rules for the 'unacceptable' use of artificial intelligence, has been proposed by European Commission

1 year ago

EU To Propose ‘Two-Tier’ Rules For Tech Giants

European Union proposals outline 'asymmetric' approach to regulating largest tech companies, as UK shapes up plans for 'tailored' digital rules

1 year ago

Azure: The Future for Your Datacentre?

With Microsoft switching off Windows Server 2008, there is a distinct push to adopt Azure. Is this a good move?…

2 years ago

China ‘Delays’ Enforcement Of Data Law As Trade Talks Continue

Chinese regulators are reportedly looking to avoid a fresh confrontation with US companies amidst sensitive trade negotiations

3 years ago

Government Guidelines Aim To Secure Smart Devices

A draft code of practice would encourage manufacturers to remove default device passwords and make communications less easy to hack

4 years ago

New AWS GovCloud Region Will Serve Government And Regulated Industries

Government agencies will be able to reap the benefits of public cloud while keeping their data secure

5 years ago

Box: EU Cloud Regulations Have Hindered Our European Growth

INTERVIEW: Box COO says abolition of Safe Harbour and the EU's failure to create a single digital market has made…

6 years ago

Microsoft, Google Officially Agree To End Lawsuits

Regulatory disputes referred to 18 cases across US and Germany

6 years ago

Qualcomm Agrees To Pay $7.5m China Bribery Fine

Chipmaker reportedly hired relatives of Chinese officials and splashed out on gifts for telecoms executives

6 years ago

EE Hit With £1m Fine For Mishandling Customer Complaints

Operator falls foul of Ofcom’s requirement to have disputes settled in a quick and timely fashion

7 years ago

ICO Finds Reports Of Nuisance Calls And Texts Up 12 Percent

ICO annual report also highlights prosecutions following serious cases of customer data breaches by TfL employees and businesses

7 years ago

Neelie Kroes Calls For Termination Of Mobile Roaming Charges

Neelie Kroes has called for the European Parliament to end mobile roaming charges across Europe

9 years ago

EC Looks To Impose Massive Data Breach Fines

The European Commission is to demand the power to fine companies for data breaches under new reforms

10 years ago

Google Redirects Search Traffic In Rift With Kazakhstan

Google is redirecting visitors to its Kazakhstan site, in an escalating dispute with the former Soviet Republic

11 years ago

Internet Regulation Needed, Sarkozy Tells Tech Bosses

French President Nicolas Sarkozy lectured tech leaders before the G8 summit

11 years ago

FCC Sparks New US Net Neutrality Row

The FCC's proposed "rules" for an open Internet have re-ignited an ideological firestorm over intervention

11 years ago

Google And Facebook: Opt-In Is Coming

As Facebook gets sued, and Google faces government criticism, eWEEK Europe says the inevitable result will be regulations that make…

12 years ago