Fortnite Maker Expands Apple Dispute To UK

Fortnite developer Epic Games launches legal action against Apple and Google in the UK, as it seeks changes to 'unfair'…

2 days ago

UK Drone Regulation Update ‘Clarifies Rules’

UK brings in new drone rules to harmonise regulatory environment across Europe, with light-weight devices now permitted to fly around…

2 weeks ago

Judge Proposes 2023 Trial Date For Google Antitrust Case

Judge says Google's Justice Department trial unlikely to go to court before mid-2023, as trial proceedings appear set to go…

4 weeks ago

Ofcom Urges Telecoms Provider Aid For Vulnerable Households

Ofcom tells providers to 'do more' for homes hit by economic turmoil, as coronavirus lockdown lays bare people's dependence on…

4 weeks ago

EU To Impose Major Fines In Tech Regulation Overhaul

Digital Services Act to be unveiled by European Commission this week imposes fines of up to 6 percent of companies'…

1 month ago

Government To Require Social Media ‘Impartiality’

Social media companies face large fines for failing to remove illegal or dangerous content, along with requirement to protect impartiality

1 month ago

US Telecoms Networks Ordered To Remove Huawei Kit

US telecoms regulator orders rural networks reliant on federal funding to rip out existing Huawei gear, begins proceedings against China…

1 month ago

Germany Opens Competition Probe Into Facebook And Oculus

German competition authority reacts after company requires Facebook login to use new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets

1 month ago

Facebook Removes Thousands Of Illegal UK Ads

Facebook removes more than 2,000 ads exploiting health fears and selling dubious Covid-19 cures in first half of 2020 as…

2 months ago

European Commission Approves French Fibre Acquisition

Altice/SFR gets the go-ahead to buy wholesale rival Covage, but will spin off its fibre-to-the-office operations into an independent unit

2 months ago

Government Told To Open Up On AI Decision-Making

Government advisory body publishes roadmap to 'responsible' use of AI and algorithms, following summer chaos over computer-determined school grades

2 months ago

Google, Justice Department Clash On Data Protection Order

Google and US Justice Department disagree on access to confidential data supplied by Microsoft and others, as landmark antitrust case…

2 months ago

Google Apologises Over Leaked EU Strategy Document

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai apologises to EU commissioner Thierry Breton over leaked document recommending 'pushback' over new competition rules

2 months ago

European Commission Warns Of Rising Pandemic Scam Risk

European Commission tells internet media and e-commerce companies to prepare for increase in Covid-19-related scams and disinformation as cases rise

2 months ago

New EU Rules ‘Would Open Tech Giants’ Algorithms To Scrutiny’

Proposed Digital Services Act would force tech giants to explain their ad targeting algorithms and open ad archives to researchers,…

3 months ago

Judge Lays Out Opening Moves In Google Antitrust Trial

US judge sets mid-November deadline for Google's response to Justice Department antitrust lawsuit, with a status update at the end…

3 months ago

Italy Blocks Telco From Implementing Huawei 5G Deal

Italian government bars Swisscom's Italian unit, Fastweb, from following through on 5G deal with Huawei as European countries take tougher…

3 months ago

Google Makes More Concessions On Fitbit Deal

Additional concessions by Google over £1.6bn Fitbit acquisition likely to win over EU competition regulators, as proposed deal nears one-year…

3 months ago

US Regulator Demands New Hearing On Qualcomm Decision

US Federal Trade Commission asks appeals court to reconsider decision that struck down landmark Qualcomm antitrust injunction

4 months ago

EU Plans To Bring In Crypto-Asset Rules By 2024

Proposed EU rules to be published this month aim to bring crypto-assets into line with existing regulatory framework, but risk…

4 months ago

TikTok US Ban Delayed As Trump Expresses Deal Approval

Trump says he approves of TikTok partnership with Oracle and Wal-Mart 'in concept', as judge blocks US download ban on…

4 months ago

US Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Coming ‘Within Weeks’

US Justice Department pushes ahead with competition lawsuit against Google as some within the department battle for more time to…

4 months ago

Facebook Voices Support For Data Portability Law

Facebook says it would support dedicated data portability legislation in the US as an antitrust measure, ahead of key regulatory…

5 months ago

Microsoft Looks To Buy TikTok US Operations

Microsoft confirms it is in preliminary talks to buy TikTok's operations in the US, as government threatens to ban the…

6 months ago

Wirecard Collapse Puts Pressure On Germany’s Finance Minister

One of Germany's most prominent politicians comes under fire for 'failure of responsibility' after Wirecard falls into insolvency amidst fraud…

6 months ago

EU Urges US To Resume OECD Digital Tax Talks

EU says it still would still prefer to achieve digital tax compromise through OECD, but will push through new measures…

6 months ago

EU Signals Broader Probe Into Google’s Fitbit Buy

European Commission sounds out Google and Fitbit competitors about competitiona and privacy concerns as regulators increase pressure on big tech…

7 months ago

German Financial Regulator Expresses Shock At Wirecard ‘Disaster’

Munich fintech start-up Wirecard says £1.7bn missing from its accounts probably never existed, as cheif executive quits and prosecutors consider…

7 months ago

Apple’s App Store ‘Facilitates More Than $500bn’ In Trade Worldwide

Apple says App Store facilitates more than half a trillion dollars in worldwide trade, with the lion's share being physical…

7 months ago

Amazon Agrees To Make Bezos Available To Congress

Company had previously resisted making Bezos voluntarily available to testify in congressional antitrust probe that also involves Apple, Facebook and…

7 months ago