Apple To Allow iPhone Users To Repair Their Own Device

Right To Repair win? Apple is to sell, for the first time, spare parts to techie-minded customers so they can…

6 months ago

Apple Sues Recycling Firm For Selling Dismantled Devices

Apple takes former business partner to court in Canada for allegedly selling devices that should have been recycled or scrapped

2 years ago

Sonos Angers Owners Again With Update Cancellation

Speaker maker Sonos angers its customer base yet again, by confirming it will halt software updates for older equipment from…

2 years ago

Apple To Use Recycled Rare Earth Elements In iPhones

Good for the planet and good for the trade war. Apple agrees deal to reuse recycled rare earth elements

3 years ago

Google Makes Recycled Materials Pledge For Hardware Products

Google goes green. Recycled materials to be in all of its 'Made By Google' products by 2022

3 years ago

Apple Opens Up About Recycling iPhones Via Robot

Apple shows off robot called Daisy that can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour in both the US and Holland

3 years ago

IBM Recycles Old Laptop Batteries For Poor

The ultimate act of recycling? IBM turns old lithium-ion batteries into useful power supply for the poor

7 years ago

Solving E-Waste Will Take More Than A New WEEE Directive

Other rules have to change if we are going to re-use and recycle our e-waste properly, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Better Tech Recycling Could Avoid Rare Metal Shortages

The tech industry is facing a new threat, not from restricted IT budgets but an increasing shortage of vital rare…

10 years ago

EU’s New WEEE Directive Fails On Reuse, Says Computer Aid

The EU has forgotten that re-use is better than recycling, says charity Computer Aid

10 years ago

Why We Are Pissed Off With WEEE

The only way to reduce the tonnes of electronic waste we all produce is to re-use and repair equipment, says…

11 years ago

IBM Tops Gartner And WWF’s Green IT List

Lenovo and Verizon didn't do so well in Gartner and WWF's list of the 19 greenest ICT companies

12 years ago

Cuts May Cause Green IT Projects To Be Axed

Management consultant Compass warns of green IT project cuts but thinks this will highlight the issues that really matter in…

12 years ago

European E-Waste Directive Delayed Until 2011

Rules governing the recycling of old IT equipment have been delayed yet again, after the WEEE directive was pushed back…

12 years ago

PC World and Currys Offer Old Computer Trade-In

PC World and Currys are offering cash for old working laptops, desktops, and Macs as part of a six day…

12 years ago

Computer Aid Pushes For Computer Re-Use Targets

Too much focus on recycling means that hardware which still has a useful life is being needlessly scrapped, the IT…

12 years ago

Recycling Firms Agree Stolen Handset Code

Recycling firms have agreed a code of practice in order to close off a loophole that allows criminals to sell…

12 years ago

Computer Aid Offers Free PC Collection Service

Any old iron, any old iron? Computer Aid has launched a free collection service for old IT equipment in South…

12 years ago