Travelex Facing Ransom Demand After Attack

Ransomware attack has crippled currency seller services, with cyber criminals reportedly demanding a £4.5 million ransom within two days

2 weeks ago

Travelex UK Website Still Down After Cyberattack

British website of foreign-currency seller Travelex is still offline after being taken down following a cyber-attack earlier in the week

3 weeks ago

US Coast Guard Admits Ransomware Took Down Facility

US coast guard confirms “ransomware intrusion” at unnamed facility that took down entire IT network, was caused by phising attack

3 weeks ago

2019: Highlights and lowlights for the tech sector

2019 has seen technology and big name tech firms dominate news headlines, amid privacy concerns, digital tax and national security…

3 weeks ago

Ransomware Forces New Orleans To Declare State Of Emergency

Another ransomware victim. Staff told to switch off computers as government of New Orleans declares state of emergency

1 month ago

French Hospital Offline After Ransomware Attack

French hospital in Rouen forced to use pen and paper, after ransomware knocked out computers and servers

2 months ago

Louisiana State Computers Hit By Ransomware – Again

Not again. Computers and servers knocked offline in Louisiana by another ransomware attack

2 months ago

Researchers Release Decryptor Tool For ‘Paradise’ Ransomware

Paradise 'ransomware-as-a-service' latest to be hacked by security researchers, who have released keys for most of its dozens of variants

3 months ago

City Of Johannesburg Threatened With Ransomware Data Release

Ransomware attackers threaten to release data that is said to include passwords and finance information

3 months ago

Ransomware Remains Biggest Cyber Threat To SMBs, Warns Datto

Number of ransomware attacks on SMBs on the rise, and the cost of downtime has risen over 200 percent

3 months ago