Radiation ‘Protection’ Products Found To Be Radioactive

Dutch health authority warns 10 products advertised as 'protecting' against radiation from electronics found to be emitting harmful negative ions

4 weeks ago

Coronavirus: American Singer Blames 5G For Pandemic

Seriously? American singer/songwriter Keri Hilson blames 5G networks for the start of Coronavirus pandemic around the world

2 years ago

5G Declared Safe By Radiation Watchdog

International radiation experts in Germany declare there is no scientific evidence that 5G technology poses a threat to human health

2 years ago

5G Wireless Networks Ruled Safe By Ofcom

5G networks well within safety limits. Testing by UK regulator Ofcom of 16 5G base stations in the UK find…

2 years ago

Smartphone Use Alters The Human Brain

Smartphones use is altering the human brain, but not in the sinister way scaremongers would have you believe

7 years ago

San Francisco Surrenders Over Mobile Phone Radiation Law

The city of San Francisco has reluctantly agreed to revoke a local law demanding radiation warnings on mobile phones

9 years ago

Mobile Phone Use Is Safe Says Health Protection Agency

Report finds no conclusive evidence that Mobile phones pose a health risk, but use by children should be limited

10 years ago

Mobile Phone Users Dismiss Cancer Link Claims

The vast majority of mobile phone users will not adjust their phone habits after the recent cancer warning

11 years ago

WHO Labels Mobile Phones As ‘Possibly Carcinogenic’

The World Health Organisation has warned that mobile phones could be linked to brain cancer

11 years ago

GSMA Slams Euro Call For Ban On Wireless In Schools

A European report that calls for a ban on mobile phones and Wi-Fi in school is "unscientific” says the GSMA

11 years ago

Mobile Makers Accused Of Hidden Health Warnings

Radiation fears over the use of mobile phones surfaced again last week, after mobile phone makers were accused of burying…

11 years ago

Study Dismisses Phone Mast Cancer Scare

A new study has found no cancer risk for children born near mobile phone masts, but many are still concerned…

12 years ago

Mobile Phone Radiation Panic Ignores The Evidence

San Francisco has a law requiring phone vendors to declare their radiation levels. Tom Jowitt says there's no evidence this…

12 years ago

US Court Rejects Calls For Mobile Phone Cancer Labelling

Industry pressure forces changes to a proposed law that would have required cell phone makers to put labels on their…

12 years ago