Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Proof PQ3 Protocol

Apple says PQ3 is a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol to protect iMessage's end-to-end messaging

3 months ago

IBM Unveils Heron Quantum Chip, Plus Quantum System Two

Next generation quantum processor dubbed 'Heron', and the modular IBM Quantum System Two unveiled by Big Blue

6 months ago

Intel Offers Quantum SDK For Developers

Intel releases Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK) to assist development of quantum algorithms for next generation computers

1 year ago

IBM Breakthrough With 433 Qubit Quantum Processor

Breakthrough development in quantum-centric supercomputing, after IBM unveils its most powerful quantum chip capable of 433-qubit

2 years ago

IBM To Build Europe’s First Quantum Computer In Germany

IBM to build Q System One quantum computer at Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, allowing European researchers local access the tech

4 years ago

Honeywell Plans To Launch Powerful Quantum Computer

High performance computing. Quantum computer to be build by Honeywell this year, and it claims it will be more powerful…

4 years ago

Firefox 59 Speeds Loading Times, Improves Privacy

The new Firefox browser release builds on the speedy Quantum rendering engine that debuted in November - the 'most significant…

6 years ago

IBM To Place 20 Qubit Quantum Computer In The Cloud

Quantum leap forward as IBM offers 20 qubit computer for clients, and develops first working 50 qubit processor

7 years ago

Volkswagen Uses Google Quantum Computer For Research

Volkswagen to carry out traffic optimisation, material, and machine learning research on Google quantum computer

7 years ago

Intel Touts 17-Qubit Quantum Computing Chip

Tech giant officially enters quantum computing race after it delivers new 17-Qubit chip to Dutch partner

7 years ago

Major Firefox ‘Quantum’ Upgrade Brings Speed Boost & New Interface

Firefox version 57 brings together speed improvements that have been introduced over the past few months with a new minimalist…

7 years ago

IBM Builds Its Most Powerful Quantum Processor To Date

Big leap forward claimed as new processor doubles compute power of IBM Q Commercial Systems

7 years ago

Quantum Teleportation Breakthrough Discovered By Canadian Scientists

Beam me up, Scotty. Researchers in Canada break record after teleporting information between two city-based locations

8 years ago

Aussies Claim Coding Breakthrough For Quantum Computing

Aussie researchers claim coding breakthrough to bring functional quantum computer one step closer

9 years ago

Intel Invests £33m In Quantum Computing Research

Computing giant coughs up to ensure development of next generation processing technology

9 years ago

Google Explores Quantum Computing Future

Google joins American university team to explore the potential of quantum mechanics

10 years ago

Quantum Adds Portability To LTFS Storage

Quantum's introductory Linear Tape File System appliance features a network-attached storage front end

12 years ago

Quantum Targets Cloud Backup With DXi V1000 Launch

Quantum is looking to help businesses deal with their cloud backup issues with its new DXi appliance

12 years ago

IBM Sets 100-Microsecond Quantum Computing Record

With quantum bits that last long enough to do actual work, IBM hopes extremely fast computers are on their way

12 years ago

Quantum Launches vmPro For Virtual Protection

Quantum has launched its vmPro virtual data protection offerings to safeguard virtualised systems

13 years ago

Quantum Tunnelling Touchscreens Touted For Tablets

Yorkshire-based Peratech can now make tablet-sized touchscreens like a quantum jam sandwich

13 years ago

Quantum Drive Draws On Sun-Oracle StorageTek Fears

The latest version of Quantum's StorNext is aimed at those who fear Sun StorageTek products face an uncertain future under…

14 years ago

Quantum Aims Removable Disk System At SMBs

Quantum is looking to the small to medium business market with its entry-level RDX system that includes removable storage cartridges

14 years ago