Google Signs News Deal With Italian Publishers

More licence deals signed with European content publishers for the Google News Showcase scheme, ahead of its launch in Italy

2 months ago

Facebook News Launches In Germany, Without Axel Springer

Cough up more money. Axel Springer publishing giant refuses to join Facebook News in Germany, citing its low remuneration four…

2 months ago

Australia Passes Amended ‘Media Bargaining Law’

Australia becomes first country in the world where a government arbitrator can set prices tech giants must pay for local…

2 months ago

Facebook To Invest $1 Billion In News Industry

After the very public row with the Australian government, Facebook confirms it is investing $1 billion in the news industry

2 months ago

Facebook Restarts Australian News, After Government Agrees Changes

Australian government agrees to alter its 'media bargaining law', after Facebook blocked local news from its platform last week

2 months ago

Facebook Pulls News From Australia, Citing Incoming Law

Australia has been 'unfriended' by Facebook, after it follows through on warning and stops users sharing news on its platforms

3 months ago

Google Signs News Corp To ‘News Showcase’ Scheme

International media group that includes newspapers such as the Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Sun, sign three year deal…

3 months ago

Australia To Introduce Publisher Payment Bill Next Week

Facebook called it 'bad legislation' and Google says it is 'unworkable', and threatened to pull out, as Australia gears up…

3 months ago

Google Launches ‘News Showcase’ Scheme In Australia

Service launched down under in bid to neutralise Australian government effort to force firms to pay local content publishers

3 months ago

Google CEO Pichai Has ‘Constructive Meeting’ With Australian PM

Australian prime minister reportedly has “constructive meeting” with Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai over controversial media law

3 months ago

Australia Claims Microsoft Bing Ready To Replace Google Search

Government minister claims Microsoft's Bing ready to step in, if Google follows through on threat to withdraw search from Australia

3 months ago

Google To Restore ‘News Showcase’ Service To Australia – Report

Despite confrontation with Australian government over content payments, Google reportedly readies own news service down under

3 months ago

Facebook News Launches In UK After Deals Signed

Curated news service for UK Facebook users launches, after deals signed with the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Guardian, Sky News etc

3 months ago

Google Warns It May Withdraw Search Engine From Australia

Nuclear option. Google executive warns it will withdraw search engine from Australia due to 'unworkable' publisher payments law

4 months ago

US Asks Australia To Scrap Proposed Publisher Payment Law

Major clash down under is looming, after Australia rejects US request to halt new law to force Google, Facebook to…

4 months ago

Australian Government Slams Google For Blocking Local Content

Users in Australia complain after Google blocks local websites, after Australia seeks to force tech firms to pay for news…

4 months ago

Google Faces UK Investigation Over Chrome Cookie Change

The UK's CMA opens investigation of Google’s proposals to remove third-party cookies and other functions from Chrome browser

4 months ago

Apple Deletes 39,000 Games From Chinese App Store

Mass purge of unlicensed gaming apps on Apple's Chinese app store, ahead of local law requiring publishers to obtain licence

4 months ago

French Appeals Court Orders Google To Talk To Publishers

Begin talks now about reusing content. French Appeals Court tells Google it must talk to French publishers over payments to…

7 months ago

Google Removes Australia From ‘News Showcase’ Scheme

Google scheme to compensate news publishers will be 'paused' in Australia due to disagreement with tough local restrictions

7 months ago

Google To Pay News Publishers $1 Billion Over Three Years

Big financial commitment revealed by Google to news publishers in a number of countries, starting in Germany and rolling out…

7 months ago

Facebook To Block News Sharing In Australia Over Proposed Law Change

Blunt message for Australian politicians, as Facebook warns it will block news sharing down under if proposed law is approved

8 months ago

News Publishers Push Apple For App Store Fee Clarification

We want the same! Apple facing calls from news publishers for clarification about how they can also gain the reduced…

9 months ago

Google To Pay Publishers For ‘High Quality’ News In Three Countries

Regulatory pressure payout? Search engine confirms it will pay some news publishers in certain countries to license news content

11 months ago

US Questions Tech Firm Liability Exemption For User Posts

Does Facebook and Google still need immunity from legal liability for user post? US Attorney General doesn't seem to think…

1 year ago

Media Groups Accuse Google Of GDPR Power Grab

Publishers say Google's new ad rules claim 'broad rights' over the data they collect, while leaving them exposed to data…

3 years ago

Google Confirms Chrome Adblocker To Combat ‘Annoying, Intrusive Ads’

Google is ready to take on the web's most annoying advertisements

4 years ago