Psion-Inspired Gemini Smartphone Ships To Crowdfund Backers

The device, demonstrated at CES earlier this year, is now on its way to initial backers and start-up Planet Computers…

4 years ago

CES 2018: Planet Computers’ ‘Gemini’ PDA Channels Spirit Of Psion

UK startup Planet Computers wants to bring the physical keyboard back to the mobile device with the Gemini

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Psion Organiser

In the old days when bulky filofaxs' organised our lives, a British firm created a pocket computer alternative called the…

5 years ago

Symbian Is Officially Over

Once most popular mobile OS on the planet, Symbian bites the dust as last phones leave the factory

9 years ago

Motorola Buys Psion For $200m

Psion, inventor of mobile computers and Symbian OS, gets swallowed by Motorola Solutions

10 years ago