Nokia, Lenovo Settle Patent Dispute

PC manufacturer Lenovo is to make an undisclosed payment in order to settle Nokia's legal action over video technology patents

4 weeks ago

Facebook Removes Donald Trump Interview Video

Nope, you are still banned. Video of interview with former US President Donald Trump removed from his daughter-in-law Facebook page

1 month ago

Google Photos To End Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unpopular move. No more unlimited free photo storage from June 2021 Google announces, ending years of free cloud storage for…

6 months ago

YouTube Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary Of First Uploaded Video

First ever video on YouTube was uploaded fifteen years ago this week, featuring co-founder Jawed Karim standing around at a…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: British Courts To Adapt With Video Calling

With a temporary pause on new jury trials in British Crown Courts due to Coronavirus pandemic, Justice ministry says video…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: Netflix, YouTube Lower Streaming Quality To Ease Network Strain

Streaming platforms respond to requests to halt high-definition streaming, with confirmation that Europe will see reduction in video quality

1 year ago

Facebook To Remove Deepfake Videos, If It Meets Certain Criteria

U-turn at Facebook? Social network confirms it will remove some videos modified by artificial intelligence, known as deepfakes

1 year ago

Facebook Tool To Upload Images, Video To Google Photos

Data portability. Facebook users can now transfer their photos and videos on the social networking platform to Google Photos

1 year ago

Firefox 66 Seeks To Reduce Web’s Most Annoying Features

Hate video or audio clips automatically playing content in a web page? Firefox 66 aims to sooth online annoyances

2 years ago

Facebook Shows Smart Video Device On Heels Of Privacy Scandal

Facebook is emphasising the built-in privacy features of the Alexa-powered Portal, which arrives immediately after a major data breach at…

3 years ago

Facebook Expands Video Platform Outside The US

A year after its US launch, Facebook Watch comes to the UK and the rest of the world - along…

3 years ago

Atlanta Loses ‘Years’ Of Police Video Evidence In Ransomware Attack

The incident paralysed city services for weeks, and police have only now mostly recovered

3 years ago

Google Chrome Blocks Autoplay Of Video With Sound

No more frantic dash to discover which browser tab is blaring out annoying video with sound as Chrome stops autoplay

3 years ago

YouTube Blogger Kills Herself and Shoots Three Others

Shooter rampage, as blogger shoots three people at YouTube headquarters before killing herself

3 years ago

UK Government Shows Off AI Tool For Extremist Video Takedown

Home Secretary on visit to US warns tech firms it may force them to use it for UK operations

3 years ago

Google Insists AI Better Than Humans For Extremist Content Takedown

Score one for the machine. Google admits its AI system is better at removing extremist content on YouTube

4 years ago

Google Takes Action Against Extremist, ‘Inflammatory’ YouTube Videos

Google is to add more engineering resources and human experts in its efforts to remove extremist content from YouTube

4 years ago

Silicon TV: Apple Results, Trump & Tech & Twitter Turnaround

Watch the latest news from the world of tech on Silicon tV

4 years ago

Tata Supports VICE’s Video Ambitions With Cloud Content Platform

New cloud platform will boost collaboration between global VICE offices

4 years ago

Silicon 360: Gumtree UK CTO – Cloud Was Easier For Us But We Still Had Challenges

Gumtree UK CTO Bas Anneveld tells our Silicon 360 panel why it used the cloud and what challenges it faced…

4 years ago

Silicon TV: Samsung Galaxy S8, Windows 10 Update & The Latest Tech News

Watch all the latest news and views from the world of technology

4 years ago

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On

See the Samsung Galaxy S8 in action

4 years ago

Is It Fair To Accuse Google Of ‘Cashing In’ On Extremist Content?

OPINION: The Mail on Sunday slams Google, but should all the blame really be levied at tech companies?

4 years ago

Silicon TV: Nokia 3310, CeBIT & New iPad

Watch all the latest news and views from the world of technology

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Computer Monitors

Computer monitors began as small monochrome CRT displays but now come in all sorts of wonderful shapes, sizes and even…

4 years ago

Facebook Developing AI System For Offensive Video Takedown

The social networking giant's battle against offensive videos, nudity, and fake news continues

4 years ago

Apple iPhone Users Beware Of ‘Prank’ Video

Another iOS flaw...seemingly innocent video crashes all Apple iPhones, forcing hard reboot

4 years ago

WhatsApp Switches On Encrypted Video Calls

The service lets mobile users make encrypted video calls, adding to messaging and voice call features

4 years ago

Adobe Snaps Up Video Ad Company TubeMogul For £432m

Adobe acquires TubeMogul to create one-stop-shop digital advertising and data management platform

4 years ago

Google Touts Jamboard As Cloud Digital Whiteboard

More productive meetings? Google reveals 'collaborative, digital whiteboard for the cloud'

5 years ago