Apple ‘Let Loose’ Event Updates iPad Air, iPad Pro, Accessories

Updates arrive for two iPad models (iPad Air and iPad Pro) as well as some accessories, but puzzles still remain

1 month ago

Meta Shows Off Next Generation AI Chip

Next generation of Meta's custom AI chip, MTIA, is able to support new generative AI (GenAI) products and services

2 months ago

Google Unveils ARM-based AI CPU, Google Axion

Google announced first ARM-based CPU Google Axion, as well as upgraded TPU AI chips, but it won't be selling them…

2 months ago

Intel Unveils Latest AI Chip To Counter Nvidia

Nvidia AI chip challenger? Intel takes wraps off its latest artificial intelligence chip, called the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator

2 months ago

IBM Unveils Heron Quantum Chip, Plus Quantum System Two

Next generation quantum processor dubbed 'Heron', and the modular IBM Quantum System Two unveiled by Big Blue

6 months ago

AWS re:Invent: Amazon Announces Two New AI Chips

Amazon Web Services announces the next generation of two AWS-designed chip families, namely the AWS Graviton4 and AWS Trainium2

7 months ago

Microsoft Unveils Two Customised Chips For AI

Two custom-designed chips will deliver AI services and will be used internally in Microsoft data centres and Azure cloud

7 months ago

China Still Acquiring Chip-making Equipment, Despite US Ban

Report finds Chinese companies, despite White House ban, are still purchasing US chip-making equipment for advanced semiconductors

7 months ago

Intel Unveils ‘Pay-to-Play’ Feature For Upcoming Xeon Chips

Fancy paying twice for data centre server chips? 'Intel On Demand' webpage signals major change to the way users pay…

2 years ago

IBM Breakthrough With 433 Qubit Quantum Processor

Breakthrough development in quantum-centric supercomputing, after IBM unveils its most powerful quantum chip capable of 433-qubit

2 years ago

ARM Launches New Chip Design For Data Centre, Cloud

British chip designer ARM Holdings reveals its next generation data centre chip design, dubbed Neoverse V2

2 years ago

Samsung Seeks Tax Breaks On Future Chip Factories In Texas

South Korean giant Samsung begins application for tax breaks on 11 potential chip manufacturing facilities in Texas, ahead of US…

2 years ago

Apple Testing New M2 Processors In Macs – Report

Several new Mac models are reportedly being tested internally at Apple, featuring the next generation M2 chip from the tech…

2 years ago

Chip Shortage To Last Into 2023, Warns BMW CEO

No end in sight this year for the global chip shortage, warns CEO of BMW Oliver Zipse, with car industry…

2 years ago

Apple Loses Key Server Chip Designer To Microsoft

Apple loses another key staffer, as Microsoft reportedly hires chip industry veteran Mike Filippo to help in its in-house chip…

2 years ago

Apple To Unveil 5G Equipped iPhone SE This Spring – Report

Apple's third generation budget iPhone SE won't reportedly deliver a radical redesign, but will include 5G and Apple's inhouse processor

2 years ago

Intel Security Flaw Affects Pentium, Atom, Celeron Chips

Researchers find vulnerability in certain low powered Intel chips, but good news is that patches are available for download now

3 years ago

Intel Touts New 12th Gen PC Processors

Chip giant Intel introduces its new Alder Lake processors for personal computers, as it seeks to dethrone longtime rival AMD

3 years ago

Apple Adds Notch To New MacBook Pro

Why, why? Apple takes a leaf out of 2017's iPhone X design, and opts to add a notch cut out…

3 years ago

Facebook Developing Machine Learning Chip – Report

Engineers at Facebook are reportedly developing a machine learning chip, as part of its internal chip development program

3 years ago

Google Develops Own Processor For Pixel Smartphones

Sorry Qualcomm. Pixel 6 smartphones arriving later this year will feature in-house Tensor processors designed by Google itself

3 years ago

TSMC Warns Of Gas Contamination At Key Chip Factory

Key plant of TSMC that is supplying Apple with its processors, is hit with a contamination of gases used in…

3 years ago

ARM Touts Performance Per Watt As New ‘Moore’s Law’

Traditional Moore's Law is no longer relevant in today world's, argues ARM, and says 'performance per watt' is the better…

3 years ago

US Senate Democrats Propose $52 Billion For US Chip Production

Democrat leader in the US Senate revises legislation to approve $52 billion plan to ramp up US semiconductor manufacturing

3 years ago

Nvidia Unveils Data Centre ARM CPU Dubbed ‘Grace’

New 'Grace' server chip from GPU giant Nvidia is designed to take the fight to Intel and AMD in the…

3 years ago

President Biden Targets Silicon Shortage With Executive Order

Chip shortage targetted by US executive order that will review supply chains for four critical products experiencing shortages

3 years ago

Silicon Shortage Prompts GM To Extend Car Production Cut

Ongoing global shortage of computer chips prompts another car manufacturer to extend production cut in its North American factories

3 years ago

Taiwan Meeting With Top US Official Will Discuss Silicon Shortage

Silicon squeeze. Global shortage of silicon chips will be a topic covered during Taiwan's meeting with a senior US official

3 years ago

Intel Urged To Consider Strategic Options

Activist shareholder urges Intel to consider its strategic options, and whether it should outsource chip production to third parties

3 years ago

Apple To Replace Mac Intel Chips With In-House Processor – Bloomberg

Fresh media report suggests Apple is just a week away from official announcement of the replacement of Mac Intel processors…

4 years ago