privacy settings

Third Party Developers Can Read Gmail Emails

Google privacy form gives third party developers the ability to read millions of emails from Gmail users

4 years ago

Privacy Shield Gets Green Light From EU Governments

Safe Harbour 2.0 moves one step closer after European member states approve reworked data sharing deal with the US

6 years ago

Facebook Reacts To Privacy Fears With Tightened Settings

Noob users of Facebook receive a privacy policy change that will limit their first postings to the audience they want…

8 years ago

Facebook To Axe Search-by-Name Opt-Out Feature

Facebook is to change a privacy setting that allows users to opt-out of first or last name searches

9 years ago

Majority Of Web Users Fret Over Privacy

A Microsoft survey has revealed that the majority of Web users are very concerned about their online privacy

9 years ago

Microsoft Upsets Advertisers With IE 10 Do Not Track

Microsoft has provoked fury among advertisers for its default 'Do Not Track' feature in Internet Explorer 10

10 years ago

Microsoft IE10 Do Not Track Option Hits Opposition

Microsoft's long awaited Do Not Track option for IE10 does not meet the draft specification of the feature

10 years ago

Google Faces Concerns Over Privacy Changes

Google is to unify its privacy policies across its online product portfolio, but some are worried by the move

10 years ago

UK Facebook Photos Dominated By Sozzled Brits

A sobering statistic for the New Year is the revelation that the majority of Britons' Facebook photos are taken while…

10 years ago

Facebook Settles Over Misleading Privacy Changes

Facebook has settled Federal Trade Commission charges of deceptive behaviour over privacy settings

10 years ago