Privacy Policy

Tesla In-Car Camera Prompts Privacy Worries – Consumer Reports

Privacy issue? Tesla's use of in-car cameras to record and transmit video, worries influential US magazine Consumer Reports

8 months ago

India Orders Watchdog Probe Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp's largest market in India is launching an official antitrust investigation over its mandatory privacy policy update

8 months ago

WhatsApp To Press Ahead With Privacy Update

What backlash? Facebook's WhatsApp says it will go ahead with its privacy policy update, but hopes that it has better…

10 months ago

India To Quiz Facebook Over WhatsApp Privacy Terms

Delayed mandatory privacy policy update by Facebook's WhatsApp, to reportedly trigger questions from Indian parliamentary panel

11 months ago

Twitter Readies Cull Of Inactive Accounts

Inactive Twitter users have to log in to their account and agree to updated privacy policies before 11 December to…

2 years ago

Microsoft Updates Privacy Policy To Admit Listening To Voice Data

Err yes, we do sometimes listen. Microsoft admits it does collect voice data for Skype and Cortana services

2 years ago

Belgian Privacy Watchdog Hits Back After Facebook Criticism

Tit for tat argument continues as Belgian Privacy Watchdog sharply criticises Facebook and its privacy controls

7 years ago

Facebook Reacts To Privacy Fears With Tightened Settings

Noob users of Facebook receive a privacy policy change that will limit their first postings to the audience they want…

8 years ago

ICO Tells Google To Fix Its Privacy Policy

Watchdog wants Google to change its policy but it's unlikely to fine it

8 years ago

Google Threatened With Sanctions Over Privacy Policy In Europe

Tech titan facing punishment from EU privacy regulators if it doesn't comply to a list of demands within three months

8 years ago

Google Triggers Privacy Concerns With Policy Violation Patent

Google risks fresh privacy rows after filing a patent for a policy violation/law breaking scanning tool

9 years ago

UK And EU Watchdogs Launch Probes Into Google Privacy Policy

ICO and others initiate action after French regulator says Google is not complying

9 years ago

Facebook Risks Fresh Privacy Row With Tracking App

Facebook is reportedly developing a mobile app that tracks your location, even when the handset is not being used

9 years ago

Instagram Readies Revised ‘Terms of Service’

Instragram will at the weekend implement its new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that has previously drawn controversy

9 years ago

Facebook Users Have One Week To Halt Vote Change

Facebook users have only a week to vote on controversial changes to the social networking giant's user policies

9 years ago

Facebook Proposes Data Sharing Across Services

Facebook is proposing a change to its data usage policies to allow user details to be shared with its Intagram…

9 years ago

EU Watchdogs To Outlaw Google Privacy Policy

Unified Google privacy policy is likely to be found illegal

9 years ago

BYOD Users Fear Employer Snooping

A new survey has revealed that BYOD users have privacy concerns over the snooping habits of their bosses

9 years ago

Google Privacy ‘Red Team’ Formed To Avoid Future Gaffes

Google is recruiting what it calls a 'red team' to help it avoid any more privacy blunders in the future

9 years ago

Facebook And FTC Agree Settlement Over Privacy Row

Facebook has avoided an FTC fine, but will be monitored for 20 years as part of its settlement with the…

9 years ago

Netflix Changes Privacy Policy In US To Avoid Lawsuit

The company will have to make personal data unidentifiable after customers end their subscription

9 years ago

Cisco U-Turn Over Privacy For Cloud Connect Service

Cisco has backtracked after facing complaints about privacy issues for new Linksys Wi-Fi routers and the Cloud Connect Service

9 years ago

Microsoft IE10 Do Not Track Option Hits Opposition

Microsoft's long awaited Do Not Track option for IE10 does not meet the draft specification of the feature

9 years ago

French Watchdog CNIL To Meet Google Over Privacy

Google is to meet with the French privacy watchdog next week over its controversial new user privacy policy

10 years ago

European Project Probes Attitudes To Privacy

European attitudes to the trade-off between privacy and security are to be examined by a group of researchers

10 years ago

Apple and Facebook in US App Privacy Probe

US Congressmen ask for info on what data social app makers are taking

10 years ago

French Watchdog’s 69 Probes Latch Onto Google’s Privates

French regulator CNIL reveals the 69 questions it asked on Google's privacy policy

10 years ago

Google Privacy Policy To Be Investigated By EU Regulators

Turns out making things simpler is not that simple

10 years ago

Google Faces Concerns Over Privacy Changes

Google is to unify its privacy policies across its online product portfolio, but some are worried by the move

10 years ago

Consumers Trade Privacy For Better Shopping Experience

Shoppers are willing to sacrifice their privacy in order to ensure a better shopping experience, an IBM survey has revealed

10 years ago