prime minister

Post Office Slammed After Convictions Overturned

Convictions overturned due to Post Office's faulty Horizon computer system, with Prime Minister calling the convictions "an appalling injustice"

2 months ago

Twitter Account Of Indian Prime Minister Hacked

The official Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hacked, asking for a cryptocurrency donation

10 months ago

Boris Johnson Warns Huawei Could Still Be Excluded From 5G

Not so fast. Prime Minister Boris Johnson hints Huawei role in 5G might harm UK security after President Trump warning…

2 years ago

Huawei Decision A ‘Matter Of Urgency’ For Next PM

Decision time. Committee of MPs urges next Prime Minister of the UK to make Huawei 5G decision “urgently”

2 years ago

Boris Johnson Calls For Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Candidate to be prime minister says current tax arrangements for tech giants is 'deeply unfair' to the high street

2 years ago

Huawei Leak Probe Sees Firing Of Defence Secretary

Gavin Williamson sacked for 'compelling evidence' of Huawei leak from National Security Council

2 years ago

Theresa May Surrenders BlackBerry For Apple iPhone

Prime Minister finally hands over beloved BlackBerry in favour of an Apple iPhone

3 years ago

PM Theresa May Seeks Safe AI Future For UK

British PM to propose new advisory body to oversea safe and ethical deployment of AI, and urges tech firms to…

3 years ago

Government Plans Online Residency Procedure For EU Nationals

The planned online system is aimed at replacing the unwieldy 85-page paper form currently required to establish UK residency

4 years ago