Price For Microsoft Surface Duo Slashed In US

Another Microsoft phone failure? Seven months after Redmond's dual screen smartphone device went on sale, and prices are being halved

8 months ago

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 To Cost $1,999

Not getting any cheaper. Second generation of Samsung's folding phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, will still cost an eye…

1 year ago

Is ARM Raising Prices For Chip Licences?

ARM is reportedly seeking to raise licensing prices for some customers, leading some customers to consider ARM alternatives

2 years ago

Lenovo Warns Of Price Rise Amid US Tariff Threat

Warning to Trump? Chinese manufacturer warns prices will rise for PCs and laptops, if US tariffs increase

2 years ago

Amazon Fire Phone Price Slashed Again

Amazon cuts the price of its Fire smartphone. Is its attempt to enter the smartphone market in trouble?

7 years ago

Microsoft Azure Enters Cloud Price War

Microsoft slashes key Azure costs and joins the fierce cloud price war against Amazon and Google

8 years ago

Microsoft Reveals Windows 8.1 Price And Upgrade Path

Microsoft has provided details about the retail pricing of its forthcoming Windows 8.1 operating system

8 years ago

IBM Launches New Entry-Level Mainframe

IBM touts the zEnterprise BC12 as being a cost-efficient mainframe system for the masses

9 years ago

Microsoft Surface Tablet To Cost £399

Microsoft has priced the Surface tablet to take the fight to the Apple iPad, but as usual British users will…

9 years ago

Intel Mulls Core i3 Price Cut To Reduce Ultrabook Cost

Intel is reportedly considering whether to drop the price of its mobile chips to help reduce the cost of Ultrabooks

10 years ago

Oracle Targets VMware With Virtual Machine Updates

Oracle is making some bold claims for its hypervisor v VMware: that it scales four times better and costs less

10 years ago

Toshiba To Launch Thrive Android Tablet In July

Toshiba's 10-inch tablet will enter the fray in the US in early July with a price that undercuts Apple by…

11 years ago

Samsung Axes Price For WiFi-Only Galaxy Tab

The WiFi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab has had a hefty price cut in America

11 years ago

iPad 2 Manufacturing Cost Only Slightly Up On Original

Despite pricier components, the overall bill of materials for Apple's iPad 2 is similar to the first edition

11 years ago