Tesla Applies To Become UK Electricity Provider

Company files with regulator to supply UK premises with electricity, following ventures into batteries for home and industrial power storage

4 years ago

Johannesburg Power Company Crippled By Ransomware

South African power firm suffers ransomware attack that cripples its databases, applications and network

5 years ago

Apple Issues Recall On UK Plugs

Shock recall for plugs shipped in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore between 2003 and 2010

5 years ago

Google Signs Wind Farm Deals To Power Finnish Data Centre

The 10-year deals include buying the entire output from a planned wind farm in western Finland, as corporate demand for…

6 years ago

Start-Up Kicks Off First Phase Of Battery Gigafactory In Sweden

Europe is ramping up competition for battery tech, seen as essential for the future of transportation and renewable power

6 years ago

Report: Hackers ‘Likely’ Compromised UK Energy Control Systems

A warning reportedly sent by the NCSC warns of attacks on British energy firms, following last month's hack of a…

7 years ago

AT&T AirGig To Use Power Lines For Ultrafast Broadband

Who needs fibre? Preparation for field trials in the US to deliver ultra fast broadband via electrical power lines

8 years ago

Europe’s Largest Battery-Storage Project Has Been Switched On In The UK

Trial will play major role in trying to 'balance the grid' to meet UK carbon targets

9 years ago

Can Local Energy Measures Add Up To A Smart Grid?

Peter Judge thinks smart grid technologies work best applied at the grass roots level

10 years ago

Google Puts Spotlight On Energy, Access Efforts

Google is giving a new prominence to its wide range of Internet access and power delivery projects, and to vice…

10 years ago

The Data Centre Tax Break Might Offend PUE-rists

The data centre Climate Change Agreement doesn't quite use the PUE efficiency measurement. So what, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Colo Carbon Tax Deal Will Cut UK Data Centre Power Bills

A Climate Change Agreement will get UK data centres out of the green taxes, if they jump through the right…

10 years ago

IBM Launches First OpenPower Servers For Hyperscale, Big Data

IBM creates mega servers with its Power8 processor, but will other OpenPower partners like Google also pick it up ?

10 years ago

EU Carbon Trading Chokes On Data Centre Diesels

Data centres burn almost no diesel, but the EU's carbon trading scheme is taxing them by mistake, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

How Governments Will Shape Data Centres

Governments' energy policies and surveillance activities will unintentionally shape our data centres, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Virtus London Data Centre Adopts Predictive Modelling

Predictivie analysis will keep Virtus data centre running smoothly

10 years ago

eBay Proves On-Site Generation Works

On-site generation could be the way forward for data centres, says Peter Judge

11 years ago

Power Surges Hit ‘Cursed’ $1.4bn NSA Data Centre

Meltdowns reported at the NSA data storage site whose electricity was cursed by protesters

11 years ago

eBay Opens Fuel Cell Powered Data Centre In Utah

No more UPS and no more diesel generators for eBay in Salt Lake City

11 years ago

Why PC Power Management Is Looking Dimmer

Peter Judge used to think PC power management was the coolest thing in Green IT. Now he isn't so sure

11 years ago

Emerson Takes Its DCIM Mobile

Data centre managers can tweak their power management on an iPad

11 years ago

Google Could Be The Real Power Behind IBM’s OpenPower

Opening Power to partners is a good move by IBM, says Peter Judge. But Google's role may be crucial to…

11 years ago

IBM Forms Power Consortium To Challenge Intel

IBM is taking a leaf out of ARM’s book by licensing its Power chip technology to third party companies

11 years ago

Facebook Finds Data Centre Disclosure Is A Mixed Blessing

Peter Judge gives Facebook full marks for sharing its energy data. It's a shame no one seems to be interested.

11 years ago

How Green Data Spilled A Snooper’s Secret

Boasting about your green tech is a bore, but in France's case, it turned out to be revealing, says Peter…

11 years ago

Data Centre Players Join EU Green IT Project

CoolEmAll signs up new members to clean up Europe's dirty data centres

11 years ago

Vodafone’s Shorts And Sleeping Bags Could Charge Festival Phones

Is that Power in your Pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

11 years ago

Microsoft Boasts Of (Tiny) Energy Saving With IE Browser

Use Internet Explorer (IE) browser instead of Chrome or Firefox, says Microsoft - and save about 1 Watt

11 years ago

Cisco Buys JouleX For Data Centre Power Control

JouleX's energy management software shows how power-hungry your data centre kit is

11 years ago