Tesla Applies To Become UK Electricity Provider

Company files with regulator to supply UK premises with electricity, following ventures into batteries for home and industrial power storage

2 years ago

Johannesburg Power Company Crippled By Ransomware

South African power firm suffers ransomware attack that cripples its databases, applications and network

3 years ago

Apple Issues Recall On UK Plugs

Shock recall for plugs shipped in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore between 2003 and 2010

3 years ago

Google Signs Wind Farm Deals To Power Finnish Data Centre

The 10-year deals include buying the entire output from a planned wind farm in western Finland, as corporate demand for…

4 years ago

Start-Up Kicks Off First Phase Of Battery Gigafactory In Sweden

Europe is ramping up competition for battery tech, seen as essential for the future of transportation and renewable power

4 years ago

Report: Hackers ‘Likely’ Compromised UK Energy Control Systems

A warning reportedly sent by the NCSC warns of attacks on British energy firms, following last month's hack of a…

5 years ago

AT&T AirGig To Use Power Lines For Ultrafast Broadband

Who needs fibre? Preparation for field trials in the US to deliver ultra fast broadband via electrical power lines

6 years ago

Europe’s Largest Battery-Storage Project Has Been Switched On In The UK

Trial will play major role in trying to 'balance the grid' to meet UK carbon targets

8 years ago

Can Local Energy Measures Add Up To A Smart Grid?

Peter Judge thinks smart grid technologies work best applied at the grass roots level

8 years ago

Google Puts Spotlight On Energy, Access Efforts

Google is giving a new prominence to its wide range of Internet access and power delivery projects, and to vice…

8 years ago

The Data Centre Tax Break Might Offend PUE-rists

The data centre Climate Change Agreement doesn't quite use the PUE efficiency measurement. So what, says Peter Judge

8 years ago

Colo Carbon Tax Deal Will Cut UK Data Centre Power Bills

A Climate Change Agreement will get UK data centres out of the green taxes, if they jump through the right…

8 years ago

IBM Launches First OpenPower Servers For Hyperscale, Big Data

IBM creates mega servers with its Power8 processor, but will other OpenPower partners like Google also pick it up ?

8 years ago

EU Carbon Trading Chokes On Data Centre Diesels

Data centres burn almost no diesel, but the EU's carbon trading scheme is taxing them by mistake, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

How Governments Will Shape Data Centres

Governments' energy policies and surveillance activities will unintentionally shape our data centres, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Virtus London Data Centre Adopts Predictive Modelling

Predictivie analysis will keep Virtus data centre running smoothly

9 years ago

eBay Proves On-Site Generation Works

On-site generation could be the way forward for data centres, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Power Surges Hit ‘Cursed’ $1.4bn NSA Data Centre

Meltdowns reported at the NSA data storage site whose electricity was cursed by protesters

9 years ago

eBay Opens Fuel Cell Powered Data Centre In Utah

No more UPS and no more diesel generators for eBay in Salt Lake City

9 years ago

Why PC Power Management Is Looking Dimmer

Peter Judge used to think PC power management was the coolest thing in Green IT. Now he isn't so sure

9 years ago

Emerson Takes Its DCIM Mobile

Data centre managers can tweak their power management on an iPad

9 years ago

Google Could Be The Real Power Behind IBM’s OpenPower

Opening Power to partners is a good move by IBM, says Peter Judge. But Google's role may be crucial to…

9 years ago

IBM Forms Power Consortium To Challenge Intel

IBM is taking a leaf out of ARM’s book by licensing its Power chip technology to third party companies

9 years ago

Facebook Finds Data Centre Disclosure Is A Mixed Blessing

Peter Judge gives Facebook full marks for sharing its energy data. It's a shame no one seems to be interested.

9 years ago

How Green Data Spilled A Snooper’s Secret

Boasting about your green tech is a bore, but in France's case, it turned out to be revealing, says Peter…

9 years ago

Data Centre Players Join EU Green IT Project

CoolEmAll signs up new members to clean up Europe's dirty data centres

9 years ago

Vodafone’s Shorts And Sleeping Bags Could Charge Festival Phones

Is that Power in your Pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

9 years ago

Microsoft Boasts Of (Tiny) Energy Saving With IE Browser

Use Internet Explorer (IE) browser instead of Chrome or Firefox, says Microsoft - and save about 1 Watt

9 years ago

Cisco Buys JouleX For Data Centre Power Control

JouleX's energy management software shows how power-hungry your data centre kit is

9 years ago