power management

Apple Coughs Up $600m To Acquire Parts Of Dialog’s Business

Apple pays hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire engineers, patents and offices from one of its British suppliers

3 years ago

Local Authorities Clueless About PC Energy Consumption

FOI request reveals that majority of London local authorities are entirely unaware of their IT power usage

6 years ago

Schneider Electric PowerChute Offers Extended Power Failure Protection

Schneider Electric's PowerChute platform allows users to migrate data to an unaffected area in the event of an extended power…

8 years ago

Verismic Power Manager Combats PC Insomnia

Power-crazy PCs get told to relax by new software

8 years ago

Staffordshire Uni Reduces PC Power Use By 60 Percent

University on course to save £27,000 through power management software

10 years ago

CA Launches ecoDesktop Power Management Software

CA Technologies enters power management software market with ecoDesktop and adds update for ecoMeter

10 years ago

Brits Waste £134m A Year By Not Unplugging Chargers

The average UK household could save £60 a year by unplugging laptops and phones

10 years ago

Businesses Overlook Power Management Cost Savings

Businesses are not taking advantage of the potential cost savings associated with built-in power-saving technologies

10 years ago

40 Percent Of UK Businesses Lack Green IT Policies

Organisations are put off by the time and effort needed for Green IT measures, a survey finds

10 years ago

Microsoft Eyes Tablets With Windows 8 Power Tweak

Microsoft is to tweak Windows 8 power-management capabilities to broaden its tablet appeal

10 years ago

Rising Energy Costs Boost Power Management

Savings made by businesses could increase five-fold by 2015

10 years ago

Microsoft’s Hohm Green-IT Initiative Withers

Microsoft is closing its Hohm energy-consumption initiative in May and Google is retiring PowerMeter

11 years ago