Google Pixel 6 Launches At Compelling Price Point

Two new Android flagship phones from Google continues the aggressive pushback against more expensive smartphone alternatives

2 days ago

Google Develops Own Processor For Pixel Smartphones

Sorry Qualcomm. Pixel 6 smartphones arriving later this year will feature in-house Tensor processors designed by Google itself

3 months ago

Google Opens Doors Of First Ever Retail Store

Google retail store in a trendy New York neighbourhood open doors for businesses, to showcase hardware devices and online services…

4 months ago

Google To Open Retail Store In New York

Good idea? Google retail store in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood will sell Pixel phones, FitBit devices and Nest products

5 months ago

Android 11 Tightens Privacy Controls, Touts Conversation Management

Conversation management, upgraded media controls, smart device access, privacy permissions, and faster updates are some of the features of Android…

1 year ago

Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Works If User Is Asleep

Eyes wide shut. New flagship Google phone can be unlocked if a person's eyes are closed

2 years ago

Google Touts Radar Control With New Pixel 4

Launch of next generation flagship smartphone to challenge the iPhone comes with radar chip for gesture control

2 years ago

Google To Move Pixel Smartphone Production Out Of China

Trade war escalation. Search engine giant set to shift production of Pixel smartphones from China to Vietnam

2 years ago

Questions Surround HTC After China Retreat

HTC 'temporarily closes' Chinese outlets. Is this the end for pioneering Android smartphone maker?

2 years ago

Google Surprises With Budget Pixel 3a Smartphone

Taking the fight to Samsung, Apple, as Google launches cut price Pixel 3a and 3a XL smartphones

2 years ago

Google Pulls Plug On Failed Google+ Social Network After Data Breach

Other products retired this spring include Inbox by Gmail, the Goo.gl URL shortener and older Pixel smartphones

3 years ago

Google Patches ‘Critical’ Android Flaws

Google has patched 11 serious bugs in the platform, plus dozens of less severe security issues

4 years ago

Wi-Fi Bug Leaves Android & iPhone Seriously Vulnerable To Hackers

Apple and Google handsets have been patched, but other Android devices may still be vulnerable to the Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset…

5 years ago