Google Photos To End Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unpopular move. No more unlimited free photo storage from June 2021 Google announces, ending years of free cloud storage for…

1 year ago

Facebook Blocked From Taking Biometric Data From Users

California court rules that social media giant should not have access to personal details garnered from photographs

6 years ago

Man Pleads Guilty For Naked Jennifer Lawrence Photo Hack

Ryan Collins pleads guilty to pilfering nude photos of celebrities from their Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts

6 years ago

How To Avoid A Digital Assets Time Bomb

Russell Pierpoint, MD, Evolved Media Solutions, explains how brands can avoid a litigious nightmare in the digital age

6 years ago

OS X Yosemite Brings Cloud-Enabled Photos App To Mac

OS X Yosemite brings security and stability updates to Mac, alongside a brand new photos application

7 years ago

Hackers Leak 13GB Of Snapchat Images

The images were taken from third-party services used to access Snapchat and posted on notorious site 4chan

7 years ago

Dropbox Offers Carousel For Better Photo Management

Dropbox adds new business and consumer apps, as former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice joins the board

8 years ago

Pinterest Buys Image Recognition Firm VisualGraph

Acquisition looks to boost the image recognition capabilities of Pinterest's search facilities

8 years ago

Instagram Direct Arrives For User Messaging And Sharing

Instagram Direct adds a direct messaging option to allow users to better share their photos with others

8 years ago

Facebook’s Instagram Restricts Twitter Integration

Instagram has restricted a feature that allows photos to be displayed on microblogging service Twitter

9 years ago

iOS Apps Could Allow Developers Access To Users’ Photos

Photo libraries and associated geo-locational data exposed by 'location access' agreement

10 years ago

UK Facebook Photos Dominated By Sozzled Brits

A sobering statistic for the New Year is the revelation that the majority of Britons' Facebook photos are taken while…

10 years ago

Google Docs Updated To Include Phone Photos

Pictures taken with an Android smartphone can now be dumped straight into a Google document

10 years ago