Twitter To Remove Photos Tweeted Without Permission

Privacy overstep? Personal photos and videos of private individuals tweeted without the consent of the person(s) depicted will be removed

6 months ago

Android Phones Bricked By Picturesque Wallpaper Of A Lake

Idyllic photo of a mountain lake surrounded by trees actually bricks Android phones, and in some cases only a factory…

2 years ago

Facebook Settles Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Social networking giant pays out nearly half a billion dollars to settle long running biometric data lawsuit in the United…

2 years ago

Facebook Tool To Upload Images, Video To Google Photos

Data portability. Facebook users can now transfer their photos and videos on the social networking platform to Google Photos

2 years ago

FujiFilm Takes Control Of Struggling Xerox

End of an era for American tech titan as Xerox is combined with a joint venture it has with Japan's…

4 years ago

Meet the App that Can Help Protect Your Photos From The Snapchat Hackers

Yovo scrambles or blurs your photos to ensure that they stay private

8 years ago

Google Threatened With $100 Million Lawsuit Over Hacked Celebrity Pictures

The impact of the hacked Apple iCloud images spreads to Google, but is the search giant actually responsible?

8 years ago