phishing scams

NHS Staff Subjected To Scam Emails During Pandemic Height

So low. NHS staff received over 40,000 of phishing and scam emails during the worst months of the Coronavirus pandemic…

2 months ago

Twitter Confirms Phone-based Spear Phishing Attack On Staff

Twitter confirms attack vector used by hackers on its staff, which successfully compromised internal systems for bitcoin scam

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Google Blocks 18 Million Daily Covid-19 Scam Emails

Online threat. In the past week alone Google says it has blocked 126 million Covid-related daily phishing scams

6 months ago

Coronavirus: Cyber Experts Team Up To Battle Covid-19 Related Hacking

Taking on the criminals using the Coronavirus pandemic to carry out hacking, group of 400 cyber-security experts is established

7 months ago

Lancaster University Admits ‘Sophisticated Phishing Attack’

Student data has been compromised Lancaster University admits, after 'sophisticated and malicious phishing attack'

1 year ago

Email Scammers Reaping Huge Rewards, Study Shows

Email scammers making over $300 million per month in America, US Treasury department warns

1 year ago

Nearly All Businesses Suffer Phishing Attacks – Mimecast

Nearly all businesses have suffered some form of phishing attack during the past year, survey finds

1 year ago

Warning About Chrome Flaw In Address Bar

Researcher finds simple exploit in Chrome for mobile that could be used to launch phishing attacks

1 year ago

FBI Warns Of ATM Hacking Campaign

Banks on fraud alert after the FBI warn that thieves could steal cash using cloned ATM cards

2 years ago

Sneaky Credential Phishing Campaign Discovered By Researchers

Businesses emails are being targetted by a PDF scam campaign with a “low detection rate”

3 years ago

DocuSign Suffers Data Breach, Customers Targeted With Phishing Emails

DocuSign has warned users to immediately delete any unexpected communications

3 years ago

‘Highly Effective’ Phishing Scam Steals Gmail Login Details

Victims are sent a spoofed email directing them to a fake Gmail login page

4 years ago

Netflix Phishing Scam Targets Credit Card Data

Unsuspecting users are directed to fake Netflix login pages and tricked into handing over personal details

4 years ago

Phishing Scam Grabs Airbnb Logins

Bogus login for Airbnb spotted in the wild by security researcher Malwarebytes

5 years ago

Spam Targets Lonely Hearts And Tourists, Warns Kaspersky

Lonely tonight? Or fancy jetting off somewhere for free? Then beware of being duped by spam says Kaspersky

5 years ago

Businesses Face Malicious Attachment Threat As Spam Declines

Spam email volumes are down, but attacks that rely on malicious document attachments are on the rise

5 years ago

‘Dyre Wolf’ Bank Transfer Scam Nets Criminals $1bn To Date

Sophisticated bank transfer cyber scam uses 'advanced social engineering' to fleece US companies

6 years ago

Spam Campaign Exploits Router Security Flaws, Proofpoint Warns

Cybercriminals using phishing techniques to exploit router vulnerabilities, including weak passwords

6 years ago

US Banks Bear Brunt Of Phishing Attacks

Banks and financial institutions, most notably in the US, continue to bear the brunt of all phishing attacks

6 years ago

What Is The Peter Pan Virus And Why Is It A Threat?

Warning sounded about convincing phishing email dubbed the Peter Pan virus, threatening computer users

6 years ago

New Zeus Variant Means Game Over For US Online Banking Users

New Zues malware variant, "Gameover" earns its name as it clears out victims' bank accounts in the US

9 years ago

Check Point Points To Social Engineering Blind Spot

IT needs to become more aware of the dangers posed by social engineering, warns Check Point’s Terry Greer-King

9 years ago

Online Life Is A Bit Of A Gamble

Trusting a company to look after your data could be as risky as putting your money in a Vegas slot…

10 years ago