The Age of the Paperless Office

We know that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Ideally, we would have a totally electronic…

1 year ago

Researchers Crack PDF Encryption

Two variants of 'PDFex' attack could allow PDF documents to be modified so that their contents are automatically exfiltrated to…

2 years ago

Researchers Crack Digital PDF Signatures

A team of German researchers use three attacks to falsify documents while tricking authentication services into thinking they're still legitimate

3 years ago

Dropbox Partners With Adobe On PDF Tool

PDFs "made simple" according to Dropbox. New partnership also sees iOS comment and annotation features added.

6 years ago

New Malware Tricks Exploit PDF Vulnerability

Researchers have identified PDF files, sent as email attachments, that encode attack code inside an image file

11 years ago

Invincea Protects By Virtualising PDF Reader Environment

Invincea moves Adobe PDF files into a sacrificial virtual environment to prevent infection from Reader malware

11 years ago

Complexity Of Security Exploits Increasing

Exploits are getting more complex, reports HP TippingPoint DVLabs, Qualys and The SANS Institute

11 years ago

Adobe Releases Emergency Reader Patch

The update covers critical flaws in Adobe Reader and Acrobat revealed at the Black Hat security conference last month

11 years ago

Adobe To Activate Silent Update Tool For Reader, Acrobat

Adobe Systems is to activate a new updater tool that requires no user interaction, in next week's security update for…

12 years ago

Adobe Issues Advice To Avoid PDF Security Attack

Adobe has issued a workaround for a PDF vulnerability that would allow hackers to exploit its PDF Reader

12 years ago

Researcher Uncovers PDF Executable Vulnerability

A security researcher has discovered a new way exploit Adobe Reader and other PDF-viewing software, but without actually using a…

12 years ago