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China Limits Kids To Three Hours Of Video Games A Week

Draconian move? Children in China now only allowed to play video games between 8 and 9pm on Friday, weekends and…

3 months ago

Google Closes Internal Stadia Gaming Studios

Another closure. Internal Stadia gaming studios is being shuttered, but Google insists Stadia cloud platform will continue

10 months ago

Speedy USB4 Specification Confirmed

Specs for next generation USB connections will deliver greater speeds and Thunderbolt compatibility

2 years ago

Intel Premieres Skylake 14nm Processors With PC Gaming Parade

Intel's i5-6600K and i7-6700K can be overclocked by the dedicated PC gamer and promise 10 percent performance hike compared to…

6 years ago

10 Of The Best Gaming Laptops

We're game for helping you choose your next gaming laptop

6 years ago