patent infringement

Google Settles AI Chip Patent Lawsuit With Singular

Settlement agreement reached in patent infringement lawsuit over Google's AI chips that had sought billions of dollars

4 months ago

Court Bans Apple Watch Imports Amid Patent Dispute

Apple says it will sell the Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2 models in US without the blood-oxygen sensor at…

4 months ago

Apple Can Temporarily Sell Watch Models After Appeals Win

Apple can resume sales of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, after appeals court pauses federal ban

5 months ago

Apple Files Appeal, Amid US Ban On Apple Watch Sales

Apple to appeal, after the White House declines to overturn ITC ban on US sales of certain Apple Watch devices

5 months ago

Judge Overturns Centripetal Patent Fine Against Cisco

Networking giant Cisco defeats $2.75bn patent ruling for Centripetal Networks, after five years of courtroom battles

6 months ago

Caltech Agrees To Halt Patent Fight With Apple, Broadcom – Report

End of seven year patent battle by California Institute of Technology against Apple and its supplier Broadcom over Wi-Fi chips

8 months ago

Apple Loses London Appeal Over Optis 4G Patent

Apple appeal dismissed in London Appeals courtroom, in its legal battle with Texas-based Optis Cellular Technology

11 months ago

Google To Face Trial Over Sonos Patents, Judge Rules

Bitter patent battle between Sonos and Google to continue, after judge rules the later must face trial on 8 May

1 year ago

No US Help Over ITC’s Apple Watch Import Ban Ruling

No help for Tim Cook from Biden Administration, after US International Trade Commission ruling may block imports of Apple Watches

1 year ago

Apple, Ericsson End Patent Row, Sign Agreement

Settlement agreement for 5G patents reached between Ericsson and Apple, ending legal hostilities between the two parties

1 year ago

Intel Stung By $948m Verdict In VLSI Patent Trial

Federal jury orders Intel to pay VLSI Technology $948.8 million for infringing a VLSI patent, but Intel “strongly disagrees” and…

2 years ago

Apple Threatens UK Exit Over Patent Dispute

Patent trolling...Lawyers for American tech giant say Apple could quit UK market over patent dispute with Optis Cellular Technology

3 years ago

Nokia, Lenovo Settle Patent Dispute

PC manufacturer Lenovo is to make an undisclosed payment in order to settle Nokia's legal action over video technology patents

3 years ago

Ericsson Claims Samsung Infringed 4G, 5G Patents

Round two. Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson claims Samsung has infringed some of its 4G and 5G patents – US ITC…

3 years ago

Oracle’s Android Lawsuit Against Google Heard At US Supreme Court

Ten year old Android dispute is heard before highest court in the United States this week, as Oracle seeks ruling…

4 years ago

Apple Pays VirnetX $454m Settlement For Decade-Long Patent Battle

VirnetX has declared victory in its long-running patent battle, after Apple pays it a settlement of $454m following supreme court…

4 years ago

US Supreme Court Rejects Apple Appeal Against VirnetX

Bad news for Apple, as the US Supreme Court rejects iPad maker's appeal against a $440m patent infringement financial penalty

4 years ago

Apple Loses Rehearing Bid In VirnetX FaceTime Case

Potential setback for Apple in the patent battle between it and VirnetX, after US Court of Appeals rejects Apple plea…

4 years ago

Uber Still Using Waymo Technology

Uber found to still be using self-driving tech from Waymo, meaning a licensing deal between the two, or expensive redevelopment

5 years ago

US Supreme Court Rejects Wisconsin’s Apple Patent Appeal

Victory for Apple after rejection of patent challenge, but a Midwestern university is not giving up its legal fight against…

5 years ago

US Supreme Court Seeks Trump’s Input On Oracle’s Android Lawsuit

Trump administration views on Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google sought by Supreme Court

5 years ago

Foxconn Boss ‘Furious’ At Microsoft Patent Lawsuit

Microsoft launches break of contract lawsuit at manufacturing giant for “unpaid royalties” and missing paperwork

5 years ago

Apple Restarts Sales Of Older iPhones In Germany

Apple stores in Germany can sell older iPhones equipped with Qualcomm chips, as legal battle continues

5 years ago

Qualcomm Chinese Victory Sees iPhone Import Ban

Bitter legal spat continues, as iPhones running older iOS can no longer be imported into China after court ruling

5 years ago

Qualcomm Seeks Apple iPhone Import Ban

Qualcomm hauls Apple before International Trade Commission again to demand US import ban on certain iPhones

6 years ago

IBM Demands $167m From Groupon In Patent Lawsuit

Big Blue alleges Groupon uses its patent technology and refuses to negotiate licensing deal

6 years ago

Samsung Loses Again, Ordered To Pay Apple In Patent Retrial

US jury awards Apple $539 million after deciding Samsung did copy patented smartphone features

6 years ago

Native American Tribe Sues Microsoft For Patent Violation

Are 'patent trolls' now exploiting sovereign immunity for native Americans with latest lawsuits?

7 years ago

BlackBerry Hits Nokia With Patent Violation Lawsuit

Where is the love? BlackBerry's departure from smartphone arena sees lawsuit against one time rival Nokia

7 years ago

Microsoft Launches Programme To Combat Rising Cloud IP Concerns

The use of cloud platforms are on the rise, but so is the number of IP and patent infringement lawsuits

7 years ago